Monday, October 09, 2006

Get That Brady Bunch Tune Running 'Round Your Brain

Here's the story
Of a dragon named Grady
Just looking for a keep of his very own
All he wanted was his moat of fire
and a wall of gray stone

Here's the story
of a stitcher named Melissa
Just wanting to finish a project for her son
She had fifteen projects already started
and left Grady undone

Til the one day when the guilt over came Melissa
Grady deserved better than being crammed
in the hutch
She released him from his prison
But finishing him was too much

Finishing him, finishing him, finishing him was just too much!

Blogger's giving me fits so I hope the pic shows up......


Siobhan said...

You crack me up, sister friend.

Lee said...

HAAA! Thanks for the giggle.

Michelle said...

Haha! Giggles aside, the dragon looks great, and is definitely coming along. You'll get there.

Karen said...

Very cute! The dragon looks great.

claudia said...

You do the best blogs!