Monday, November 06, 2006

The Best Laid Plans

I had plans of telling several stories with pictures today but due to all kinds of technical difficulties that isn't going to happen so today will be a random Monday.

Oh you want to know what the technical difficulties are? OK get ready for one of those "She couldn't make this s&%t up" tales.

Friday night the middle son uses my lap top. He's allowed. He's careful, doesn't do downloads. He uploads pics and videos of himself to his My Space page. His one issue is waiting for the laptop to shut down and closing the top. Why is this such a big deal? Well we have some cats and while I have never ever seen a cat on my desk, I've always been pretty sure they jump up there when no one is looking because that's just how they roll. Well Saturday morning I wake up, find the laptop open, I close it. Later I want to use it and the keyboard won't work. We're talking beeping, letters sticking. So I start asking "What was spilled on the laptop?" Everyone says, "You're crazy, we don't know what you're talking about. No way anything got spilled on that laptop." So I call the spousal unit crying and he says, "Well hold a blowdryer to the keyboard like you did with the cell phone that time you dropped it in the sink." So I did and I'm guessing you much smarter people already know that the laptop keys shrank up like Shrinky Dinks. So I break down and smell the keyboard. OMG! Cat pee. I ask the oldest son to smell the keyboard, yep, he concurs. One of the cats peed on the keyboard. So now it's going to cost $150 to replace the keyboard. Only $50 had I not shrinky dinked the keys but I'm thinking I don't want an eau d'cat pee keyboard anyway.

So it's cool. I get over my melt-down I'll have my laptop back in a few days since no where on my expensive extended warranty does it say anything about cat pee being covered. I'm reasonably sure that's covered under the whole liquid thing. I have the desk top. Have to fight for it but most of the files on the laptop are duplicated on the desk top, at least the important stuff and if you're family reading this you know what I'm talking about. So the spoiled child is on the desk top, it goes off. He accuses the middle son of stepping on the surge protector. I'm able to get the computer up and running again. Three hours later it does it again and it won't comeback on. My worst nightmare! I have meltdown #2. We have a huge family brawl over the deal as the spousal unit can't do his fantasy football stuff, I can't work on my important project, the middle son can't do his homework and the spoiled one can't access Club Penguin. We finally determine no one did anything to the computer, no one downloaded anything, it's old, it's has issues, we'll get it fixed. So the best estimate on it is $100. They tell me it might be the power supply. I'll take it in on Thursday when I pick up my laptop. They said I should have it back the same day if it is indeed the power supply. What are the odds of this happening? Must be the fact that Mercury is in retrograde, add in a full moon, and it's complete and utter chaos.

So I'm writing today from DS#1's computer which is all but useless with the exception of internet access. He does have word pad so that's one thing in my favor.

Fabric Info

The odd linen like fabric I found at JoAnn's is by Roc-Lon. It's Osnaburg #421, 100% cotton. Carolina Handley is working up pretty doggone nice on it. I will use it for some other projects that don't have to be exactly square. It's not a clothing linen, guess it's more like a pillow backing or something.


Finished Inkheart the other day. What a wonderful book! Every time I set it aside to do something important, you know get something to drink, go to the bathroom(I don't use the laptop for a toilet), I would find I had been holding my breath. I guess that means it's a pretty good story.

I'm getting ready to start Stephen King's Cell. My friend and her family gave it to me months ago for helping out so much with her baby, but the condition was I couldn't read it until I finished something I had been working on first. I stayed honest and finished my not Fairy Grandmother. So I plan to start Cell today. My dad is reading the new Stephen King novel Lisey's Story(hope I got the title right) I'm dying to read it and he said it's great.

Election Day Tomorrow

My 18 yr old votes in his very first election tomorrow. He's going with me first thing in the morning and then I'll check him into school.

I'm torn about the Florida elections. I do know that if I were in Texas I'd vote for Kinky Friedman for governer. I like him. I like his ideas, I've been bugging the DH to move to Texas for two years just so I could vote for Kinky. I think it's time to get the career politicians out of office and let some people who might have a clue about the real world run the country for a little while.

In Tennessee I'm leaning towards Harold Ford. I like him a lot. Of course I can't vote there either.

Florida is where I vote and where I'm undecided. I've been reading about all the candidates, discussing it with the oldest son, and I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

The one question I want a politician to answer is "What do you believe to be rich?" They all say "taxcuts for the rich" what is rich? Give me a dollar figure.

At the moment I feel like voting a straight independent ticket. If more people would do that maybe both major parties would have to show their differences. You shouldn't have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Someone should stand for something.

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Do you think the cat may be telling you she wants either her own computer or her own blog?? That's just crazy!