Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Two Weeks of Discovery

Or Adventures in Unemployment

Things I've learned about myself:

1) No matter how much time during the day I have to clean house I always end up putting it off until almost time for everyone to get home from school and a few minutes before the DH is due home from work. (kind of like cramming for exams the night before the test)

2) I really, really dislike housework.

3) I hate a dirty house.

4) The two halves of my personality argue all day long. Clean, don't clean, no one notices, no one cares. Sit and stitch. No, clean. Read some blogs, no, clean. Call me Sybil.

5) I love TV on DVD. It's the greatest invention since the iPod and the laptop.

6) I really can sit and stitch for hours on end. The worst part, I don't even feel guilty.

7) I don't miss seeing people every day. I thought I might miss that part of work, the whole human interaction thing, nope. Not one little bit. What does that say about me?

8) I really like my kids. I have time to spend with them these days and am never in a hurry. I have time to listen to them. My 17 yr old is a pretty interesting guy. I didn't realize how much I missed them. Sure I saw them every day, before school, after school, but I was always in a bad mood, tired.

9) I love the quiet. I embrace it.

10) A few weeks ago I had a few projects I had hoped to finish by the end of the year, now I'm frustrated because I can't complete a project a day. Who do I think I am?

11) Yes, a person can watch too much Law & Order.

Yes, I'm probably just a wee bit crazy. All in all though with the exception of the whole money thing unemployment is the best thing that has happened to me in a while. I have needed the break. I do need to learn to budget. That is a concept that I don't embrace, but it's time to act like someone my age is supposed to act.

Hopefully some updated stitching pics tomorrow.


Lee said...

I have those inner battles, too. Hate housework - hate a sloppy house!

Carol said...

Melissa, You're a riot! I totally agree with everything you learned!! I enjoyed my 1o years of SAHM life. Can't wait until retirement...hope it's comes early!!