Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday Morning

First to the comments, thanks Jo for the kind words about the quilt in progress and to Gina-expect an email from me when you get home.

So what's been going on around here? Why have I gone blog silent for the last couple of days? Well at the moment I'm unemployed, not sure if the business will reopen and in all honesty I feel better than I've felt in long time. Worried about money but that will all work out eventually.

Yesterday I tried my hand at dyeing some 28ct lugana orange and when I removed it from the dye it was the perfect color, so I let it sit in the dye solution a little longer thinking that would aid the fabric in holding the color. Well when I rinsed a lot of my lucious orange rinsed out, but it's still a pretty shade. No pictures because DS#1 took the digicam to school and now it's not working.

I've been stitching on Carriage House Samplings - New Designs Sirens of the Sea. Not sure you can view it at this link, if it's not under new designs it will be under almost new. I've ordered Medieval Mermaid from Midsummer Night Designs and if you see a theme going then you're right. I like these primitive, funky merchicks. Medieval Mermaid isn't quite as funky as the other two(Mairmaid's Song is the other one to which I'm referring) but she's not your typical mermaid design either. Sirens of the Sea was moving along pretty well until I made the mistake of leaving my baggie of floss on the couch with my DMC 869 laying on top of the baggie, 007 1/2 one of our kittens, jumped up there and peed on my DMC 869 and my scissor fob! I knew better than leave my stuff just sitting on top of the baggie for any length of time. Kittens are babies. Sure they "know" how to use the litterbox but when you have to go you have to go and for some reason they have found joy in peeing on ziplock baggies. Threw the fob in a pillowcase and tossed it in the washer on gentle and it was fine.

Yesterday was my birthday and I found my mind filled with all kinds of reflections on age and if I'm too old to try to follow some dreams. Is it too late to write the great American novel? Am I too old to be aching so badly for another baby? Do I really want to move to the mountians and have chickens, sheep, horses? It's hard work for someone who's no longer in the age group 30-39. When do we let go of the dreams and move on with life? Are we being unrealistic holding on to some dreams? Do the dreams give us a reason to get up in the morning? A reason to look beyond the mundane existence of our daily lives?

Can you tell I've been unemployed since Saturday? All this introspective reflection, and time to actually reflect on it. Yikes!

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Anna van Schurman said...

Happy Birthday from one Libra to another! I hope one is not "too old" to have a baby once they leave the 30-39 age group. That's still on my "to do" list, and I've just hit the ultimate year in that group ;). And as for writing the Great American Novel, my god, do you know how old some novelists live to be, writing right up until the last breath? Sure you do! My 84 year old grandmother is still a bartender. We've all got it in us!

Love the new mermaid trend!