Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rambling Thoughts

The picture above is of the three green fabrics I showed DS#1 to choose as a color foundation for his quilt. He chose the one on the left. At first I thought it was a batik but I'm not sure that it is, as a matter of fact now I'm pretty sure that it's not. I only glanced at it before shoving it at him along with the two others and in the light I took the picture the fabric on the right looks way more blue than it is in real life. It really is  more of a green than a blue. Anyway DS#1 chose the fabric on the far left and now it comes down to me trying to find more fabrics that work this color so I can proceed to make him an Ohio Star quilt. He likes green so now it's time to play with color, a task I'm really not very good at. I hate playing with color, get absolutely no joy from it because I'm pretty much color blind. I'll think colors work together only to have someone tell me they don't go together at all. It's frustrating and I have no faith in myself at all when it comes to make any kind of color related decision. How bad is my judgement where color is concerned? Well let's put it this way, when I finally excepted the fact that I don't see color like everyone else in the world, my mother said, "You know your clothes never matched when you wore them to school." I asked, "Why didn't you ever say something to me?" She said, "Well I thought you might be trying to make some kind of 'statement'? What statement mom? Could it be the statement that I'm a bigger dork than most people at that school could have ever imagined? If so then I managed to accomplished that no problemo.

So I'm dreaming of all these projects, but I have no time. The lady I work for is considering closing the restaurant. As far as I'm concerned she can't close it fast enough. I'm exhausted. I never have time for my family. I don't have the time to really clean the house, it's all hit or miss you know? I don't even have time to wait on a repairman to come fix my oven. Do you know how bad I miss hot brownies from the oven? Lasagne? But I never have time. My days off tend to be consumed with the tediousness that is everyone's life, bill paying, grocery shopping, running kids here and there. Who has time? I need two or three weeks when I'm not working to get the house cleaned and ready for the holiday season, to get my oven fixed and to do somethings I want to do. Finish some projects, get organized. Ok, whine is over for the moment.

I had hoped to have a finished pic of Mairmaid's Song but not yet. With any luck I'll have her finished tomorrow. Oh yeah, I'm dreaming big. I think I can finish her fin tonight, then tomorrow all I have left to do is finish the black border and then all the satin stitched water. If I can just get to the point where I can work on the stupid water I'll feel so much better.

Also hope to dye some cross stitch fabric in the next day or so. I want to do some "quickie" Halloween pieces to attach to a grapevine wreath and decided to play around with some fabric dye and see what damage I can do there.

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