Friday, October 14, 2005

Halloween Quilt-The Beginning

Below is a picture of the first two panels of my Halloween quilt.

The picture above is of Lizzie Kate's Fright Night and the bit of the border fabric.

The picture above is of the next two panels that I still need to sew together. I have to decide on a border fabric to go between the two rows. The bottom designs are ShepherdsBush and I can't remember the name of either one. The designs above are L*K's Happy Haunting and Bugs & Kisses.

This a close up of Mosey N Me's Frank's Witch Matilda and the fabrics surrounding her.

With any luck I might get this finished tonight. Yes, it's wonky. I'm hoping I'll be able to straighten it out when it all comes together but if not it'll just be a wacky, wonky Halloween quilt. I'm doing all the sewing by hand.


Kiwi Jo said...

wow, that quilt is going to be awesome! I love all the bright colours.

Gina said...

So I google "And They Sinned" + sampler. And up pops a link to a blog named "gulfskye" -- that can only be ONE person. Yep, it's my friend, Melissa - who I swore had fallen off the face of the earth!!!! (not totally your fault - my hard drive crashed and I lost all my email addresses). LOVE the Halloween quilt! And the reason I googled the sampler is because...get this....BRAD is going to stitch it. You can tell who does all the stitching in our house these days. I don't have TIME to stitch hardly at all any more. You know I'm about to have my 3rd girl to go along with your three boys, right??? EMAIL me, girlfriend! -- you know what my "screen name" is. Let's catch up. I'm leaving for A Stitcher's Retreat on Wednesday and will be home late Friday night - just in case you don't get to me before then. :)