Thursday, October 13, 2005

Introducing Super Action Hero Sprinkles

This good looking guy is my cat, Super Sprinkles. Why is his name prefaced by the word "super" you might be asking yourself? Well  DS#3 named him Sprinkles before we knew he was a boy or a girl. Well after awhile it came to our attention that Sprinkles was in fact a boy and I determined that Sprinkles was a demasculating name for fine looking male cat such as himself so to manly up his name I started calling him Super Action Hero Sprinkles. Yes it's a mouth full but hey, a good looking guy like him is deserving of a fabulous over the top name.

Why am I boring you with pictures of the Super Sprinks? Well, I got nothing today. My cross stitch pieces all have eyes and hair and are ready to be turned into a Halloween quilt but I am stalling as I hate the whole putting together part. Once I'm sure I won't be called back into work, I plan to lay the blocks out in the middle of the living room floor and try to get some kind of plan. The sewing together really shouldn't take too long once I know where I'm going to put which design. I have the center planned, so it's just figuring out how to make the other squares work with those two designs. I've decided not to over think it. It's going to be busy, it's probably not going to be perfect and that's an understatement so I'm going to just try to go with the flow on this and hope it turns out halfway decent. I set really high standards for myself don't I?

I started working on Goode Huswife's With My Needle but ending up having to frog a little on it yesterday when I discovered I was a thread off. That's worse than being a stitch off. It's amazing how much chaos one little thread can cause. It's more difficult to fudge than being a stitch off.


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