Friday, June 10, 2005

Tropical Storm Arlene

Is headed this way. Tropical storms don't usually upset me in any way, they are just intensified thunderstorms with extra strong winds but there's still so much debris in our area it could get ugly. Many roads washout these days after a light rainshower. The next 48 hours should be interesting.

I'm planning on heading to the grocery before I go to work this morning so that I'm ahead of the game. Plan to buy some canned goods, sandwich stuff and extra water and a roast to cook tomorrow. We have a gas stove top so I should be able to prepare hot meals even if we lose power. Why am I so concerned about losing power? Well we have this very dead tree tangled up in in the power lines to our house. The power company won't do anything about it because it's behind the power pole, the property manager doesn't seem concerned, and we aren't paying to have it cut down, I guess if we had an extra $800 we might but it's not our property and we've mentioned it to the property manager a couple of times and so have our neighbors because their power lines are tangled up in it too and they have the same property manager we do. Ivan didn't take the tree down so I'm hoping a minor tropical storm will not be a problem.

Well the best news is that I'll have a minimum of 48 hours of major crochet time. I might just finish the Ranch Red of the afghan I'm working on. That would so rock. Then all I would have left is deciding what to do for the border. I still like the granny hexes, just not the yellow. If I get to the store we love to hate tonight I may see what kind of brown I can find to work with the Farmland border.

Well off to prepare for Tropical Storm Arlene's visit.

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