Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lazy Summer Days?

Not one lazy summer day to be found around here. I live under three miles from beautiful beaches and other than the view of the bay across the highway from where I work, I haven't seen the Gulf in weeks. I need my beach fix and need it big time.

What have I been working on?

Try nothing! Arrrgghhhhhh! I started a crocheted shawl for my grandmother and have managed to get about three rows finished. Three effing rows. This was supposed to be finished by this weekend but I don't have any time.

DS#2 and DS#3 are both playing basketball this summer and it's killing me. I'm spending two hours at a time at the Youth Sports Courts. I can't take it!

I work in 900 degree heat, next to a flaming BBQ Pit(let me tell ya that whole vegetarian thing is looking really good these days), I come home, shower, change and head to the basketball courts. I take a project with me but DS#2 looks mortified when I take it out of my bag, so last night I took the new iPod and Foreign Babes in Beijing: Behind the Scenes of a New China but other parents wouldn't shut the hell up. Then when the guy that cuts my hair shows up I majorly stick my foot in my mouth because his girlfriend works at our local video store and I told him congrats on his first anniversary with the girlfriend. He then asked me how I knew and I said well I was standing in line at the video store and I heard her talking about it. How completely uncool am I? She'll probably never hold another movie for me. I was just trying to make conversation with someone I actually enjoy being around.

Why is it that when you have headphones in your ears and a book opened on your lap that every moron wants to talk to you? Am I antisocial? I'm stuck at basketball practice, it's a time when I can sit and read and people I have absolutely nothing in common with want to chat?

New Stash

Did some awesome stashing the other day at a long overdue visit to the LNS. I picked up C & D of the Victoria Sampler Alphabet Sampler series. "D" can be seen here:

The VS Welcome Page

I also picked up the BOAF fabric, 35ct Barnowl for Birds of a Feather's L'Hiver.'hiver.jpg

It took a while for her to grow on me, guess it had to do with already stitching Le Printemps and L'Ete practically back to back, two incredibly large projects. She just didn't grab my attention. Now that I have the fabric, once I pick up the rest of the WDWs I need, I plan to start stitching her. I also got the fabric for Goode Huswif-With My Needle. I didn't have my chart stats with me so when Kathy called to get the stitch count I learned the chart had been discontinued. So I bought a fat quarter of a 32ct overdye that I can't recall the name of and hope to start this project before the end of the summer.

I also bought some 11 x 17 Q Snaps, BC Snappers March Blows and April Blooms-the fabric for this arrived in the mail the other day. I'm going to stitch them all on the same piece of fabric, one honkin' long project, and then either frame them or to borrow an idea from
The Peacock's Feather, I may turn them into a long pillow, I can't begin to imagine how much it will cost to frame this piece, the pillow might be the only way to go. Also in my bag were BrightNeedle's Under the Sea, Little House Needleworks Spot of Coffee Sampler, and BOAF's All Hallow's Eve. I ended up spending $210! Holy crap! I haven't done this in a while so it was a real treat.

Speaking of spending money

I've bought a lot of CDs lately. Recently added to the collection: the new White Stripes-Get Behind Me Satan, Weezer Make Believe, OK GO(thanks to a recommendation from girlreaction), Dwight Yoakum Blame the Vain, and the Gorillaz Demon Days.

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