Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ranch Happenings

Unfortunately not much news from here. I've had a nasty kidney infection but am on Cipro and it appears to be knocking it out. Let me tell ya, Thursday night I was freakin' out when I went to the bathroom and saw a very unexpected color in the toilet. Not a good thing. It's never a good thing to go to the bathroom and then ask yourself, "That came out of me?" Very scary. Fortunately my drs office got me in ASAP, after I tried to work Friday morning telling myself, "I can survive anything for 6 hours, how bad can it be, 6 hours, that's all." Of course I couldn't, the pain was pretty bad. Lucky for me one of the kids was home and glad to have the extra hours. I drove myself home, called the drs office and they said come in RIGHT NOW!

I slept most of yesterday, the kids were home for their first day of summer and due to my medical trauma DS#1 missed out on a pool party. More his fault than mine, he thought the party started at 6pm instead of 4pm. Anyway, not much crafting going on with the exception of pulling out my "Ode to Yarngirl" afghan. Julie crocheted a beautiful shawl using Red Heart's Ranch Red and Farmland. The colors were so great together I wanted to make something using those colors too. I opted for a boring single crochet afghan using a J hook. I had thought about adding stripes on each end using RH Gold and Med. Thyme. I didn't like how that was going so ripped out the stripe I had started in the gold and decided that I'd do a solid Ranch Red Single Crochet afghan, add a granny square trim or some kind of motif trim using the gold and the med. thyme, then do a SC edging using the Farmland. Since I haven't been able to do much more than sleep, the single crochet has saved me from complete and utter boredom-don't have to think or count, just make wonderful SCs, turn ch-1 and start all over again. I've been browsing though my crochet block books and now can't decide which blocks to use for the trim. The 200 Blocks book by Jan Eaton has quite a variety of blocks to choose from(uh the book is titled 200 Crochet Blocks, should have been a clue--ok shoot me I've been doped up for a couple of days), her Crochet Basics book has a pattern for a hexagonal block that I like too, so that's an option I'm pondering. I guess I'll crochet up a few of each and see what I think about them. May try some blocks from a scarf in Hip to Crochet.

Other than that no more news. I'm hoping to add another skein of Ranch Red to the afghan before the end of the weekend. That would be some major progress. Then once I decide which blocks to use for the edging I can alternate between the afghan and the blocks for the edging. So it will break up the monotony when my mind can focus on more than SC. It's funny, single crochet isn't challenging but I like it. It's comforting.

Tonight we have lemon herb leg 1/4s on the grill, along with cajun seasoned chicken breasts and we have some shrimp to grill with garlic butter, also have some corn we plan to grill in the shucks, we did this all last summer and it was so good, for dessert strawberry shortcakes. Can you tell I haven't eaten in a day or two?

Oh and if you are bored, thanks to saucy kitty I found this link: Threadbared. Definitely worth a peak. Check out the May archives and the Barbie and Ken Crochet Paradise story. Too too funny!

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