Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Trinity Stitch Woes

The last few days I've been working on my 63 Squares afghan. Pics in the previous post. But Monday I got jammed up big time on block 6-the Trinity Stitch block. I followed Donna's tutorial this morning and it's helped a lot but I still keep losing three stitches after a few rows. I've restarted this too many times to count several times and keep decreasing somewhere along the way. Probably just trying too hard. I just hate it when I get on a roll and then get stuck. So annoying when I could be several more blocks along if not for this roadblock.

Cross Stitch Happenings

Unfortunately not a lot. I'm filling in the roof of House #5 on HOHRH, too boring to really take a pic of at the moment. HOHRH is my Gilmore Girls project. Gilmore Girls comes on twice a day on ABC Family so while it's on I work on HOHRH on my days off. All other free cross stitch time is being devoted to Fairy Grandmother. Unfortunately not much progress to photograph there either. Slow, slow going.

So when do I get around to working on the 63 Squares afghan you might ask? Or maybe you aren't asking that, but I'll tell anyway. It's what I work on while sitting outside, or when I can't stand looking at the Fairy Grandhag for one more freakin' minute see to cross stitch any longer. Crochet is much easier on the eyes. Unless it's playing freaky mind games like magically disappearing three stitches after 4 or 5 rows and very careful counting.

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