Sunday, June 19, 2005

Lessons Learned

One should never attempt to blog on a laptop when one is not plugged into a power source. The flipping thing just shuts down with no warning. Or should I say, you get the nanosecond warning to plug in and then poof! I had forgotten DS#1 borrowed it for a while this morning and didn't plug it in to recharge the battery. I wandered through some blogs, some BBs, some websites, then started my own blog entry. Bad idea. From now on I will always be on a power source and save the battery for when I'm out of the house. DS#1 won't be touching it again if he can't remember to plug it back in to the charger either.

New Stash, No Pics

This weekend I picked up 6 skeins of TLC Amore in the Lagoon colorway to make a shawl for my grandmother who is very ill at the moment. I have been having trouble deciding on a pattern but I think now I will go with the shawl pattern from Vanna's Favorite Crochet Gifts book. It's a ripple type pattern and should go pretty fast once I get the pattern in my head. At first I wasn't sure about the lagoon for this pattern but I think the variegated will make a pretty shawl. I've been wrong about this before but I hope I'm right this time so I can get it started and finished fairly quick. It's my priority project at the moment. Hope to start it tonight or first thing in the morning.

I also picked up 4 skeins of TLC Cotton Plus. I got two skeins of the Thistle and two of Lavendar. These are going to be turned into baby sweaters for my niece Leigh Ann's new baby. The pattern is all garter stitch so I'm hoping these will go fast too. I'm concerned because the pattern says, "Use the needles and yarn of your choice" I need a little more guidance than that. No one in the shop could tell me what size needles the shop model was knitted on so I'm in for some guess work. I hate that. I'm guessing either size 7, 8 or 10. Guess I'll do a swatch or two(or three or four).

No Stitching

For the last couple of weeks I don't think I've picked up a needle once. I could be wrong but I think the last time I touched a hook was when I was playing around with granny hexes. That was a least a week ago.

I've been too tired, too hot, and to sick with a kidney infection to do anything other than lay around and be a vegetable.

I now have priority projects and need to get organized and get some major progress made on them. My grandmother is not doing well at all, the shawl, the baby sweaters and then Fairy Grandmother are my priorites and then I can work on a few things for myself, I'll toss in Mermaid of the Pearls as my off and on project when Fairy Grandmother is finished because this will be for my niece and I want to get it finished and to her before the end of the year. Then I want to start MLI's In the Arm of an Angel for my mom, in memory of my niece who passed away of SIDS at the age of 5 weeks. I think this piece will off a lot of comfort to my mom because she never really got over Adrianne's death, at least I hope it does. She has no idea I'm going to stitch her anything so it will be a surprise and no pressure because she will not know about it until I give it to her.

Hopefully I'll have some new pics in the next few days, just no time to deal with them at the moment.

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