Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wild Thursday

Due to these pictures in the September/October 2007 issue of Blueprint magazine I'm obsessing over red and white. I want my bedroom to be red and white and I'd like it now, instead of the three months it will take for me to get it anywhere close to this. My scanner didn't want to cooperate so the scans are about as bad as my photography.

I'm not a quilter by any stretch of the imagination, I play at it. Now I must make a red and white quilt. I have to. I am going to obsess over this for weeks. I can already feel the obsession taking over.
Pictures seen here:
Also add to my red and white obsession. I want to buy hundreds of these peg boards or coat hangers or whatever they are called and fill all the spots usually holding mirrors with stitching. I want them everywhere but most importantly I want one in my currently nonexistent red and white bedroom.
Thanks to everyone for the compliments on 13th Colony Bay and Donna--I would be honored if you posted my finished piece on your website. I really hope to finish it soon--before the end of the year. Thanks for designing such a wonderful scenic design. It really takes me away when I'm stitching it.
Mary-Navarre is home but I don't live on the beach. We're about four miles from the Gulf. I freaked out when you mentioned Navarre in the comments no one knows about Navarre! Pensacola, Ft Walton Beach, even Destin, but Navarre? Very cool!


Michelle said...

I love the red and white bedroom idea. I would so love to make a Hawaiian quilt in red and white. Oh the possibilities!

Anna van Schurman said...

That peg board or coat hanger would be amazing in your not-yet red and white bedroom.

Mary in MN said...

Hi again! Having two kids go to that small university meant they made good friends. At my daughter's graduation, we were invited for a day at a friend's parents home on the beach. They live just across the beach road, and were fortunate to have had limited damage from Ivan (Ivan came during my daughter's senior year). I think the Navarre beach is even more lovely than Pensacola - and I LOVE Pensacola! Hope you and your family were not hurt by that horrible few years of hurricanes in the area (was also one my son's freshman year - Dennis?)
On the red & white note - we just pick out red & white bedding for our bedroom from the Pattery Barn catalogue - no quilting for me - only stitching!