Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Letter From:

The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow Home Owners Association

To: Melissa

Re: Village of Hawk Run Hollow

Dear Melissa

In August 2007 you declared your intentions to start development on the North West Florida division of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow township.

Even though we approved your site plan, your choice of materials, we did so against our better judgement. We, the residents of the North West Florida division of Hawk Run Hollow, spent the better part of 2006 at your mercy, living with half completed houses, no electricity and a holiday season that appeared to be anything but festive.

You assured us that you would stay focused on the job at hand. Our Village would be completed in a timely manner. Here it is, the fall/winter holiday season and where, I ask you are our relatives supposed to stay over the Yuletide season? The whole community has been anticipating the completion of Opal's Boarding House. But no, due to your continued delays, the neighborhood will be suffering from overcrowded homes, inlaws, outlaws, cousins, nephews and nieces. Where are we supposed to put them all?

We need our City Hall. Hawk Run Hollow needs some form of government. Are you aware that the people in Lot 6 have not removed the Grinch statue from last Christmas? There is no control, we are a no man's land with no one to enforce our rules and regulations. How can we force people to keep their RVs, boats, and kids' bikes out of sight if we have no one to help us enforce our covenants? The people in Lot 1 have continually let their grass grow over the designated three inches. Can you believe that? Such disregard for community rules!

On top of that we need our school! Our children are driving us crazy! Please, please, please get that school completed ASAP!

It is our understanding that you have abandoned the development of our town and have been spending a lot of time in the Caribbean on a new community. This will not do. We demand that you cease and desist with the development of that project until we see some progress on our much needed town. We placed our faith in you and once again you have let us down.

We expect to hear from you soon with an update and a solid timeline for completion of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow.




Barbeeque4 said...

TOO Funny!!!!! Kinda fiesty aren't they???

Nicole said...

Very creative and funny!

AnneS said...

Waaaaay too funny! You crack me up!! :D

Linen Stitcher said...

After reading this, I'm thinking that the builder who's working on your neighborhood might very well be related to the one who's doing my neighborhood. . . . (Great post, by the way!! I loved it!!)

Kathy said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh and wish that I could write such great stuff on mine.

Kendra said...

LOL...I love reading these HOA letters!

Paisley said...

That is just too funny! Love your blog! :-)