Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Trip to the County Seat

It's not often I venture up north, the north end of the county that is. Today the oldest son and I had business in the county seat so I made him walk around town with me while I took a few pictures. While I live in a small southern town, my end of the county is relatively new. We have lots of tourists, the feel of the community in the south end is different. When I get to go up north, I'm reminded that yes I really do live in a small southern town, and I almost want to move here. The picture below is near the free public parking lot. Wow, how many places still have free public parking? This is a close up the Exchange Hotel--or at least that's what it says on the awning.

Below is a street view of the Exchange. The hotels in my end of the county are Best Western, Comfort Inn, you get the picture. I'm not really sure this is a hotel, could have been a hotel and now maybe has businesses inside? I don't know. Didn't have time to really check it out. I loved the look of the building though.

This is one of a row of old hitchin' posts behind apartments or offices, not sure which. The picture I took of the whole row of posts didn't come out. Why does that not shock me?

This is the building where the hitchin' posts live.

This is the view behind that building. How pretty is that? Right in the middle of downtown.

I had no idea there was a Local History Museum in my county seat. They were closed today but next time maybe I'll take a tour.

This is an old theater. I think the marquee in the front dated it at 1912. Not exactly sure, the picture I took of the front didn't come out, of course.

I might have to try and catch these plays:

What exactly is a Ghost Walk? Trick or Treating?

This is the oldest son outside the Blackwater Joe Coffee House. He's kind of annoyed with me, so annoyed that I wasn't able to snap a picture of Reggie's pigfish sign. Guess I'll save that for next time.

We didn't get a cup of joe at Blackwater Joe because we spent our cash at the Milton Bakery. Darn!
In other news the family is about to toss me out of the house because I keep playing the White Stripes "You Don't Know What Love Is" over and over. I so love that song. I like "Icky Thump" too but not as much as "You Don't Know What Love Is"


Barbeeque4 said...

I just love the snaps of town. They remind me of the small towns I have lived in. Thanks.

siobhan said...

I love the county seat pics!! LOL at the pic of DS. He doesn't even need a thought bubble above his head to let everybody know that he is annoyed--that stance & expression says it all!! LOL Those are the times that you make sure to take twice as long doing whatever it is that made them annoyed in the first place. Ah, teenagers. Gotta love 'em!!