Friday, December 01, 2006

On the First Day of Christmas

I discovered one hair coming out of my cheek! Ick, gross, I feel like Austin Powers should be yelling to everyone within hearing distance, "She's a man, baby!" I'm too young for this to happen. I'm still ovulating, there's plenty of feminine hormones running through this body. How could this happen?

I did attempt to photograph it but it's not even long enough to pluck, much less catch on film or pixel. It's there, trust me. I can't pluck it to save my life. I guess I have to let it grow until I can put a bead on it and then maybe, just maybe, I can pluck the little booger. I have pinched my cheek so much today trying to snag it that I have what will probably be a permanent red mark on my face.

Did I stitch today, well no, I was spending the first day of Christmas trying to get rid of my beard. Oh, I want to gag just thinking about it.

This weekend I hope to finish some ornaments. I've been putting it off but since downloading incredimail I've been in the Christmas spirit. Of course I've spent the better part of the day deleting mail from incredimail because I thought I was just copying my address book to incredimail and it ended up being every piece of mail in my aol account-10 times each. I had over 2000 emails. I've got it down to 700 something. What a pain. But I love the backgrounds and this puppy with a slurpy tongue runs across the screen when I have mail. Too cute. But I'm in the Christmas spirit, shocker that. I also watched A Christmas Story and now am listening to my pile of Christmas CDs. While I'm still super Grinch, I'm feeling better about the holiday season. Is anything ready, well no. I did clean up the spot for the Christmas tree, still have to run the vacuum and toss out the accumulated trash. There's a lot of paper. I'm doing better about walking in and tossing out junkmail but the youngest son generates a lot of paper from school and papers always end up under and behind things.

On a happy note, while cleaning out the video shelf I ran across the middle son's second grade Christmas video. I had forgotten all about this particular event. He was supposed to wear a long sleeved button up shirt, he didn't want to, he argued with me and cried. I made him wear it, tucked it in, sent him to his classroom before the show. When he walks out to sing in the chorus the shirt is not only untucked, it's unbuttoned and you can't see the green vest he was wearing, because this shirt is wide open and all you can see the white Hanes t-shirt underneath. I was so mad. I was mortified. There was nothing cute about it because I had to argue with him for hours before the show to make wear it in the first place and he still ended up not wearing it. He won. Actually he lost because we have him on video for eternity picking his nose. Go us! He'll wish he had kept that shirt buttoned up. Everyone hence forth(did I use that right?) will see him picking, baby. Yes, I'm still 12.


Sue said...

It's a drag getting old, isn't it? I miss my knees and my pretty skin - crepe paper isn't pretty.
Oh my! I've been through that ordeal so many times over with my daughter! I feel your pain! Who knew a white turtleneck would cause so much trouble! She didn't want to wear one so while shopping for one, everyone we looked at was a no. I finally, finally found one in Sears but their computer system was down and they couldn't ring up the sale. I almost offered them $50 for the darn thing just so we could go home. Needless to say, the performance was the only time The Girl wore that turtleneck. Oye!

Carol said...

One hair? Oh, I would consider it a freak occurrence! Not that I want to get one, and totally understand how you feel... but until it is several... well, good thing you have a good sense of humor!