Monday, November 27, 2006

The Long, Very, Very Long, Excruciatingly Long Weekend

Much turkey has been consumed, everyone is back at work and school and while I'd love to have a party all by myself, my day will be spent trying to figure out where I'm going to put all this crap: All of that stuff used to live in the armoire you see below:
The need to get the tv up off the floor made me give in and turn over the armoire for the good of the family and the overall appearance of the living room. Our living room looks huge now. Technically the tv should be in the armoire but I miscalculated the size of the tv and the size of the armoire. After much swearing from the spousal unit we opted to put the tv on top of the armoire. It's like watching tv at TGI Fridays now. The best part, we don't have to keep yelling at the dog for laying in front of the tv when it was positioned on the floor. We've hit a technical glitch though. For some reason the DVD player and the VCR refuse to work. Not sure what wires aren't back where they should be but we'll eventually figure it out when we tire of watching DVDs on the laptop.
Much holiday decorating took place on our little road this weekend, the picture below is as far as we got and yes, I need a new welcome mat. If my fish mat were alive it would be floating belly up in the aquarium. But it must do for now. The oldest son said I should have bought a bigger berry wreath for the front door. He said this one was skimpy. The concrete is marked up because the kids in the neighbor seem to enjoy skateboarding on my front porch. I had no idea one could scuff up concrete but there ya go.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend and if you aren't in America hope your weekend rocked.


Meari said...

LOL, so did you figure out where to put all that "crap"? ;)

Sue said...

I think your wreath looks just right. I can relate on the where to put all this stuff bit. It's a constant around here. Perhaps you can hide it behind a dog? ;o)