Monday, December 11, 2006


The spousal unit and I took the vows in September of 1985. Christmas rolled around and I was surprised to discover that I didn't have an attic with a tree, lights and ornaments. How could that be? Don't all married people have an attic filled with Christmas stuff? Well, no. As Christmas drew nearer and the tree fairy obviously didn't exist and ornaments didn't magically appear in our small apartment I decided to make some ornaments. The ornaments pictured below are all I have left of those ornaments I made that first year. I could have sworn I had a few more but we've moved a lot over the years and well who knows how many got tossed out with the tree over the years when we were sure we had gotten everything off the tree. We were young and irresponsible and did everything in a hurry. The reason I'm pretty sure a few are missing is I know I had a few ornaments framed in red plastic ornament thingies. I bought these frames at Woolworths--here's part of the price tag on the back of one:
I believe it used to say 35cents. When I examined it this morning I thought it might have been 5cents but I think that's a stretch. At either price these little plastic ornament frames have held up well. Much better than the "gold" frames that appear to tarnish. I never knew something that had been golded and is plastic could tarnish or at least have that appearance.
The ornament below was stitched for me by my friend Neva. I had a thing for geese back then. Give me a break it was the 80s. Geese were like totally cool.

There are no pictures of that first tree. Where did the tree come from? Well it just so happens there is a tree fairy and his name is Tim. He went hunting one morning and while he didn't get a deer he did score us a tree. It was wonky and very much a Charlie Brown tree and it fell over Christmas morning and we didn't know at the time that a picture of that tree might be something we would want one day but the spousal unit and I can both still picutre it and that ugly tree will always be our favorite.


Retta said...

Hey, I remember Woolworths!

Hubby and I's first tree was barely a foot tall and it sat on the end table in our little one bedroom apartment -lol- and I made all five ornaments that hung on it!

Anonymous said...

Oh hey! I got married in 1985 too and had to come up with my set of ornies too. I made a few of those cross-stitch in the plastic frames too! No geese though - but the were pretty cool at the time. I have a wreath, a Santa and a sleigh with a Christmas tree. They are some of my favorite ornies.

Anonymous said...

PS: I don't know why Blogger is calling me Susan tonight - it must need it's happy pill. Anyway, it's me, Sue, from Good Yarns. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

I think I have one of those stitched goose ornaments too! LOL!

Cathy B - With Needle and Thread (blogger is being weird tonight!)

Meari said...

Those are great keepsakes. I think I have an ornament kit that has a goose in it. Yup, they were cool in the 80's!!

Deborah said...

Oh gosh, in visiting relatives this week, I just saw 3 of those same gold frames with different Xmas designs from 1986 that I stitched for them then. I also have some silver ones on my tree that a friend made for me back in 1988, one is star shaped. I'll have to take some photos. Amazing how the world of needlework has advanced in the past 20 years.