Thursday, December 21, 2006

Brand New Bag

Thanks to Coinstar and tons of change in the bottom of my purse, over the course of several months I managed to scrounge up enough money to order these bags from Knitpicks. They are supposed to be for knitters but I thought they would work well for cross stitching. Below is a pic of the whole set. The second bag from the front is the medium sized bag with the purse organizer attached. I love the look of these bags. No they aren't real leather but they seem to be well made. Below is the large bag. It's got a nice satchel appearance to it and while it's big, since I'm short, I don't look like I'm carrying a bag designed for someone six feet tall. It and each bag in the set comes with their own shoulder strap. The hardware on the front is for attaching the purse organizer. It also has a shoulder strap so that if you have to run in the store and want to just take the purse you can easily remove it from the front of the bag and leave the larger bag in the car.

This is the inside shot of the large bag. I put 8 six ounce skeins of Caron Simply Soft, the current issue of Knit.1 and two sets of knitting needles. This is for the Pirate baby set in this issue. My first attempt at a sweater. It will be for my friend's baby and if I never finish it she won't hate me. I thought it would be a good practice project since I want to make Jessie's Flames from Stitch N Bitch Nation for the middle son one day. I have a set of size 2 circular needles in the inside pocket and there is still room for another skein or two of yarn. Probably more. I apologise for the not so good pics. It's a dreary, yucky day down here on the Redneck Riviera.

This is the medium bag with the purse/organizer removed.

Inside the medium bag which I can tell will be my favorite, is one of the large floss bobbin boxes, my HOHRH chart, my Mighty Bright Craft Light, all that in a 2 gallon Ziploc baggie, and another smaller baggie holding my HOHRH in a hoop. I could have put more in there, and it wouldn't be crammed, but this is pretty much what I take when I'm working on a project. I'm a hoop girl as opposed to a Q-snap girl. I have a few sets of Qsnaps and do use them but I prefer the hoop.

This is the stuff that was inside the medium bag piled up outside of it. I've also reattached the purse/organizer.

The small bag pictured below is just the right size for my hoop and fabric. If I'm using the hoop and don't need a ton of floss, this bag is a good size.

Above is the small bag, the little bag next to it is the notions bag and a shoulder strap.
I expect the medium bag to get a lot of use. I take my stitching with me everywhere, along with a book, a notebook and pens for writing, I'm interested to see how I get this all worked out for stitching in public. I'm always afraid I'll get stuck somewhere with nothing to do, it's a sickness I know, but it kills me to think I could be working on something while waiting and then have nothing with me.
The purse/organizer has places for drivers license, credit cards, a few pockets. I think it's designed fairly well. It reminds me of the outside pocket of the organizer purses my mom used to order from Fingerhut(think that's where she ordered those bags from). It's also got a center zippered pocket. It's got a spot for your cell phone and a pen too.
I'm hard on bags so I'm interested to see how these hold up.


Anonymous said...

Those are nice looking. Very convenient and pretty too.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I must get a Mighty Bright Craft Light!

Suzanne said...

Love the bags!

Meari said...

Nice stash bags!