Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Radio Silence

Thanks to everyone for the compliments on my skull girl. She's still just a cross stitch piece, haven't turned her into a bag yet. Too much going on, health problems related to my mom. Sometimes being 600 miles away isn't a good thing. 99% of the time it's the best thing, but that other one percent can really bite.

Not much of anything has been accomplished around here in the crafty endeavors department. I did start my 13th Colony Bay Parts 1-3 last weekend. The stitching is going a little slower than I'd like but that is more due to the aforementioned family issues than anything. I kept waiting to write until I took a pic but decided picture taking just wasn't in the cards any time soon so there you have it.

I've made quite a few more hexes for my Grandmother's Flower Garden CAL over at Crochetville. I've been working on the 63 Squares CAL for over a year and keep setting it aside because I become disenchanted with my color choices. I've restarted this afghan several different times. I think I've finally come upon a color scheme that I might actually follow through with. Ever since discovering Celestial Creations, I've become obsessed with the Espresso color in Caron One Pound yarn. It's a beautiful, rich brown. I'm thinking the 63 Squares afghan might look nice in the Cream and Espresso colors. The pattern calls for three colors but I don't see why two colors couldn't work just as well. After looking at the few afghans I've made, we're hard on them. Celeste mentions in her blog that the Caron is an ultra-washable yarn. It's probably not as soft as Caron Simply Soft but for an afghan with cream as one of the main colors I think ultrawashable is a positive. At first I was worried that the Espresso might be too dark to really show the difference in the stitches of the various blocks but Celeste has a picture of an aran tote bag she's making and the stitches show up nicely on that bag. So I think I'll restart this afghan sometime after the Olympics. That'll give me some time to gather up the Caron I'll need for the project. I just got the new Valentine's flyer from JoAnn's and they'll have the Caron One Pound for $3.95 a skein. Pretty good deal.

I'm psyching myself up for my Olympic stitching. It's going to be the longest 16 days of my life, but I have to get that out of my head and look down the road to it being the 16 days of my life that get this Fairy GrandHAG out of my stitching basket and off to the framers. How's that for putting a positive slant on the project?

Once this albatross is no longer hanging around my neck I see lots of fun stitching ahead. Fun, completely and utterly selfish stitching, the best kind!


Carol said...

That's the spirit Melissa! Get that hag out of your bag!!!!

Anna van Schurman said...

Stay Positive!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Espresso and cream sounds good. In fact I need coffe right now. Should work great for the afghan, you are right about the ultrawashable factor. Good luck with the GrandHAG. CJ