Thursday, February 02, 2006

Adventures in Cross Stitching

Or maybe I should say designing. I have a favorite t-shirt, I've been wanting to make something else with this design on it so I begged the spousal unit to draw it off for me and he did. His artwork is shown below:

I scanned his interpretation of this design into Patternmaker and printed out a chart and stitched the design on 28ct Mulberry over 2 using two strands of DMC 3716:

Now I plan to turn the cross stitch piece into a pocket for the front of a bag. The fabric underneath the cross stitch design is the outside of the bag and the lime fabric will be the lining. I'm also hoping to add inside pockets like you will find on my favorite brand of tote bags and purses.

I will use either the pattern for the red bag shown at the top left of this pattern or

Bag C, shown at the top right of the pattern shown below, it's the pink bag.

Now I'm planning to crochet the same design to the front of bag that I will then felt. I'm trying to decide whether to do a burgundy bag with a pink design or take it to the next level and crochet a lime bag with a pink design. I have wool almost ready to koolaid dye but if I decide to go with the burgundy bag I may just use wool I can buy already the color I want.

I hate sewing so this should be another adventure. I've been inspired to try this thanks to all the creative people over at


Kucki said...

I like the mAc Call one better. And I am wondering if an adaption of your skull would make an alternative to the pirate hat, mittens and so on that have been seen around the blogs recently. Hmmm. It certainly looks nice and I can understand why you love that T-Shirt.

Anna van Schurman said...

I love your design! It's awesome. I like the New Look bag for its Kate Spad-i-ness. But the McCalls one could be made to look "Vera Bradley"-ish. Can you imagine turning a Vera Bradley looking bag around and there is the skull girl? How subversive. Looking forward to your finish (that doesn't absolve you of working on Fairy Grandmother in 8 days...)

Slynne said...

I love your skull girl! That's just too cool. Can't wait to see what you make with it.