Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How About Some Pictures?

The picture above is the little bit of progress I've made on By the Bay's 13th Colony Bay. I'm stitching parts 1-3 on the same piece of 32ct Star Sapphire linen. That's one honkin' big piece of linen. Once the Olympic Stitching Challenge is over I'm looking forward to getting back to this design. I think the stitching will go pretty fast. Can't wait to get it framed and hanging in the kitchen.

The DH was greeted by the above snowfall when he reached Memphis Friday Morning. Since he hadn't seen snow in years and years it was an added bonus to seeing family.

The picture above is what he left just prior to flying into a snowstorm. Do you know what's the best thing about this picture? No people! I had the beach all to myself on Friday when I took this picture. That ROCKS! There is nothing like February on the Gulf Coast, the beaches are their prettiest and there are no people here. Some times it's even warm enough to wear shorts and get a little sun.

The picture above is of my current knitting project. Taken from a distance to show off the tulips the DH gifted me with for Valentine's Day.

Above is a close up of the knitting. It's my first attempt at a baby sweater. It's all in garter stitch because I can't flippin' purl. The long thin piece to the left is the front panel, the big square is the back, and on the needles is the other front panel. Only a few more rows and it will be finished then all I have left to knit are two sleeves then sew it together and block the you know what out of it. The friend I'm knitting it for will forgive any mistakes, I'm knitting it with TLC Cotton Plus but I can't remember the color. Yes, the one front panel looks a little longer than the back but I'm hoping blocking will fix that. It's my first sweater, give me a break.

Market Reports

Shakespeare's Peddler1 has a market report up. Two pages of cross stitch goodness.

There are also market reports up at Elegant Stitch.

Some friends and I are planning a SAL to BN's Ezmeralda's House. A must have for me is Workbasket's Mermaids Singing. I also like Hands to Work Harvest Blooms. Love those flowers in the shoe. I also like BOAF's Spring and Summer Gardens. Those will make great pillows. I love CHS Tombstone Angels and Scarlett Berries. I also like all of the new Blackbird Designs. One that caught my eye that is a must have is Victoria Sampler's Heart's Secret. It went right to the top of my wish list when I saw it.

Coming Soon:

A current pic of Fairy Grandmother, bet you just can't wait......

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Anna van Schurman said...

You know, posting pictures of my work is how I know I've made progress. Sometimes it only seams like the progress you've made is minimal--til you can compare it to the old photo...

You're so right about not telling people they're getting something from you. I should stop giving partially done Christmas gifts too. (Laptop bag? What laptopbag?)