Wednesday, February 22, 2006


February 16th was my two year blogiversary. It came and went and I didn't even notice. I did notice that The Crochet Dude and I share the anniversary. My blog is a year older than his.

People(my mother) have asked me why I blog, and that is usually followed by "what is a blog?". Well I blog because I needed a reason to write everyday. I write everyday but usually in composition books and no one ever reads them. A blog is a great way to write everyday and put it out in the universe and let it go.

A blog is also a way to reach out to people with similiar interests, make connections, new friends. In the simplest of terms Blogs Rock!(apologies for my inner 15 yr old) I love reading blogs. I love seeing pictures of people's stitching, of their pets, what they have hanging on their walls. I really love seeing what people have hanging on their walls and how it's all displayed because as I've mentioned here before I have no inner sense of style. I get something framed and hang it on the wall and wonder why it doesn't do anything for me. Yes, I'm the one squinting to see what's on the wall, on the table, what ever is behind what you are really showing. Freak, me? Yeah.

Vero,* has a list of stitchers' stitching rooms/corners. I love browsing those pages, seeing where everyone stitches, stores their stuff, displays their stitching. Why this obsession? Well when no one you know stitches, there aren't a lot of opportunities to see stitching displayed in homes and stitching nooks. The only time I see stitching on anyone's walls is when I'm at one of the LNS. The greatest thing about blogging was discovering that yes, there are people that believe stitching is a priority, it's something important in their lives, to most people it doesn't make sense. It's boring, it's tedious, it takes forever to finish something but another stitcher, they get it. They understand the obsession, the need to pick up a needle for a little while everyday.

I've been blogging for so long now I can't imagine not blogging. Over the last few weeks I've been reading people's blogs that I always find inspiring and it seems like the new has worn off the blogging experience for the writer, or maybe they are making it too much like work. Please don't quit blogging. I find all blogs inspiring in their own way. Even if it's a blog about someone's frustration with a project. We've all been there, and we've all been in slumps. It all goes in cycles and I believe that's where blogging helps. If you're in a slump, you're only a click away from someone in the same boat, someone who has kicked a slump, or someone who can bring you out of the slump. Inspire you to pick up the needle, that old WIP or that piece with the error in it that you haven't wanted to frog. You know you're going to run across a finished pic of that piece somewhere on the internet and then you have to finish it because error and all, you remember why you bought it in the first place.

So what happened on Tuesday? Let's see where do I begin? No stitching on Fairy Grandmother, I needed a break. What do they call it in sports, a bye? I needed one of those. I managed to flood my bathroom yesterday morning. I knew the toilet didn't sound right when I flushed but I went on my merry way only to discover about 10 minutes later two inches of water on the bathroom floor. Hmmm what else happened? My fridge has decided it wants to be an oven and doesn't want to get cold any more. Here's an interesting twist, the hot dogs that have been frozen in there for a while are thawed as is the ice cream, the chicken I bought the other day has ice on it. Cokes won't freeze, half and half won't freeze, but the ice and popsicles are frozen solid, as is the imitation crabmeat. The chicken salad I popped in the freezer to keep it colder than the fridge, it froze. What is freakin' up with that? So I don't know what's wrong but today I'm cleaning the grill underneath and in the back and cleaning out the inside too. Oh and I found out that a new fuel pump for the car is going to be quite pricey. $600. Holy crap! So the garage will be holding the car hostage for a little while until we come up with the ransom. So yesterday I was not in any mental condition to work on FG. Bad things come in threes right? It should all be up hill from here right?

When I did my FG pictorial I didn't bother to mention that her hair took forever to stitch because it has 6,597 color changes in it. I didn't mention that her big wing on the bottom has 54,943 color changes in it alone. Ok I didn't exactly count the color changes but it felt like that many.

Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated.

*edited to correct the url for Vero's blog

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