Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obsessed Much?

Here's the current state of my granny squares:

I've been just a little busy. I can't stop crocheting these things.

This is 66 squares of the 80 I need for an afghan. I may be ready to start crocheting them together by the weekend. My hand keeps going to sleep so I'm taking a break and forsaking my hook for the hoop for the rest of the day.
The youngest son has put in a request for two ripple afghans. One is black, white and maroon-the local high school and Youth Sports colors(may throw in a little gray too-silver is another team color) and he also wants--Missy Ann brace yourself -for the second afghan he wants a ripple in orange, white and green stripes. That would be the University of Miami colors if I'm not mistaken. These are sure to be two of the ugliest ripple afghans ever crocheted. I will have to purchase yarn for the black/white/maroon 'ghan, but probably have enough orange/white/green in the stash for the other one, but my green is probably the wrong color so I may have to buy a little new yarn for that afghan. The youngest son also has requested a granny square afghan using black as the main color and any colors I want for the grannys. I see a scrappy bit of fun in my future. Oh and he wants a fleece blanket, one of those no sews one side is tan and covered in a brown football print, for the other side he wants this tropical fish print with a blue background. The fabrics are awful together but he just loved them at the store and said he could flip it to suit his mood. He cracks me up but hey, he wants me to make him things so I'm down with that.
In the mean time I can figure out the layout for the oldest son's afghan which will be another granny square only a bit of a different layout using his main three colors of yellow, blue and green for the borders and then any colors I want for the smaller squares. I think it's possible it could turn out really pretty. Of course that remains to be seen. I need to rootle through the garage and see what I have left in the yarn bucket.
While I've known how to crochet forever I had no idea I enjoyed it as much I seem to enjoy it. Will it ever bump little X from the #1 spot, no way, but it's a different kind of handwork and it's pleasant and since I have the square pattern memorized it's pretty mindless(the same should be true after a few rows of the ripple). At the moment I'm dreaming of Montana and wishing I had a reason to own sheep and spin and knit and crochet my life away in front of a fire while bread rises on the counter and something delicious simmers in the oven. That's an especially sweet fantasy at the moment since I have chicken simmering on top of the stove and it's 300% humidity inside and outside and the air hasn't shut off in the last 24 hours. I'm kind of over the heat right now. It's October, where is my nip in the air in the morning? Where's my pleasant afternoon? Where's the chilly evening? Feels like July 4th out there at the moment and I'm really not feeling the love. I realize that if I was somewhere where I was snowed in for a few months that would probably get old too and I'd be wishing for warm rays from the sun and a beach.


Marion said...

I love your granny squares!! Aren't they fun to make!!!

I happened upon your blog...stop by mine sometime if you get the chance!
Take care

Anna van Schurman said...

First, I thought you were supposed to be writing every day.

Next (and actually last) *I* was once the owner of the world's ugliest ripple afghan: navy, maroon, cream, acrylic cherry red, royal blue and dazzling snow white. All in one fabulous (we got married on Bastille Day) afghan. Someone made it for my wedding shower. And I felt awful because it was so hideous, but also specially made. So we used it in the car for emergencies. Then the car got stolen. It was karma.

Missy Ann said...

Your boys kill me! Not only will they be fabulous afghans because they are full of Mom Love, they'll be so ugly no one will ever steal them! rofl

The boys, they are genius!

Then the car got stolen. *snort*

Deb said...

Wow, that's a lot of granny squares, but I know what you mean - they're like potato chips, you can't stop making them!

Patti said...

I LOVE your granny squares as Marion called them except for the colors! At least nobdy will ever steal them once they are made it. Sorry to be negative - that isn't usually meand thank you so much for reminding me - I HAVE TO GET A HOOP and I forgot! I think I'm the Tin Man - I NEED A BRAIN bigtime. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Cindy said...

You're almost there!

Too cool your kids are putting in requests :) Give them time, it will change LOL!!

Katrina said...

Love all your granny squares. Can't wait to see all the projects in the wings, me thinks you've created afghan monsters, LOL.

Maureen said...

Okay - i am trying to symphathise with you over being fed up with the heat but failing miserably lol! - being in Scotland i have never had the pleasure of experiencing too much heat - it's kind of grey here most of the year.

good going on the crochet.