Thursday, October 29, 2009

Migas for Brunch

Or the episode where I pretend I'm sitting in a cafe in Austin having brunch with Missy Ann and Michelle. Music, food and friends, Austin is one of my dream of moving to cities and it's in Texas which I think is extra cool because it just is.

I discovered migas via Homesick Texan and whenever I want something extra tasty for breakfast other than oatmeal or skillet potatoes and onions which is then turned into a breakfast burrito, I make a pan of wannabe Migas. Cause I'm not from Texas, never been to Austin and never had the real thing. My Migas are a lot like Homesick Texan's(type in Migas in her search field). Her recipes are my guide for all things TexMex.

First you cut a few corn tortillas in strips and pan fry them in a bit of oil:

I drain my pan, growing up with heart disease in the family you learn the importance of draining off as much grease as you can. I then put the corn tortilla strips back in the pan with a smidge of butter and a bit of chopped onion and fresh jalapeno:

I let the onions and peppers soften up a bit and then pour in my eggs, this is three eggs with a splash of half & half. I let the bottom cook a minute or two then give it a stir, then when the eggs are almost done I top with some cheese, I used four cheese Mexican this morning because it was what was already opened.

Is there any way to make eggs look pretty in a skillet? They really are just a slimy, yellow blob.

I was out of salsa because we had tacos and enchiladas for supper last night so I topped my migas with some Rotel. When we moved from Memphis to Lima, OH back in 1986 I had a meltdown because the grocery store didn't carry Rotel and not only did they not stock Rotel they didn't know what it was. Did these people not know the joy of Rotel cheese dip made with a can of Rotel and a pound of Velveeta? How did they get through Friday nights? The horror!
My mom sent me a case and when anyone would come to visit they would bring a few cans of Rotel and some Pancho's Cheese Dip.
This is an easy filling breakfast and would be really good with refried beans on the side. I wish I had some this morning, actually I just made them so it's practically lunch. I learned to love beans for breakfast when I read Tassajara Cooking years ago. They are an all day food, ok, maybe that's a stretch.
Clutter report:
We can see the top of the coffee table, the three top shelves in one of my bookcases is pretty well organized, the dining table in the family room, great room, space that no one has a clue what it's for since my kitchen is an eat in kitchen, is decluttered enough to see the wood. My sewing machine is still out and will be until I get a fold out table for the bedroom and we paint. No, we haven't painted yet but the room still feels good even with disgusting walls.
I've started putting the granny square afghan together but putting together isn't near as much fun as making the squares, baby steps, baby steps.
I'm really in no hurry to make the two ugliest ripple afghans in the world and I'm not starting them until the granny afghan is complete. Yes, it's a plot to put them off but it's like 80 degrees here so the boy will not freeze in the next few weeks.
I haven't crossed a stitch since Sunday so I plan to stitch this afternoon and watch horror movies on AMC.
Don't forget to head over to Missy Ann's and enter her 13 Days of Halloween giveaway!


staci said...

Yummmmm! Thanks for this simple recipe :) And thanks for the link, off to check it out.

Meadows08 said...

I learned the joys of cheesey Rotel dip from a transplanted Texan friend...YUM! Lucky for me, she gives me a can or two when I see her!

Missy Ann said...

rofl You & me both! Austin is the city I keep telling dh we're moving to.

I have a Nigella Lawson recipe that's so close to what you made. It's so good... I think I know what we're having Friday night.

Siobhan said...

YUMM!!!! That looks so good, Melissa!

YGG on the organizing. I'm so proud of you.

Deb said...

Oh, do those look good. I think I'm going to have to try them. I have a friend that spent years in Mexico and some of the things that she's taught me to cook - ymmmmmm.

Anna van Schurman said...

You'll be happy to know you can buy Rotel north of the Mason Dixon line these days. Hell,you can get excellent Mexican food in NH (truly--I lived in L.A. for 14 years, and I know the difference). Philadelphia is another (pathetic) story. (Okay, unless you go out to the mushroom farms, then there's good Mexican.)

Also, PW's new cookbook has Migas.

Daffycat said...

Ooo, yum!

This post reminds me when I was first married DH was in the Marines and we were stationed in Virginia. No Ranch Style beans. OMG, just like Rotel, how do people survive without STAPLES??? LOL

Michelle said...

You're welcome to come visit anytime, and we can make migas to our hearts' content!

MamaLadyBug said...

You what?!? You had migas without me????? No wonder you were asking if I stopped in at Austin, you wanted to have no guilt migas, but couldn't because I didn't get any. UGH!

LOL I still love you!!!