Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cross Stitch

Very inspired name for this post huh?

Well I have some cross stitch to show, not finished but oh so close. Below you see a blur of Simply Live, but there, holding it down, keeping the wind from blowing the fabric off the table is my Eldreth Pottery Mermaid. When she was packed in my bag on the trip home the guy working the Xray machine at the airport asked me if I had a vampire in my bag. I didn't have a clue what he was talking about until I remembered she's holding a star. I tried to explain that I had a piece of pottery in there and please do not ask me to unpack my bag because I would never get it back in there safe and sound or be able to zip my bag. But he shook his head and waved me on through. She's a lovely momento of my time with Sharon and Siobhan and boy did I ever fall in love with Pennsylvania.

Here is a close-up of the stitching and of course using my camera skilz super power I chopped off part of the letters I have stitched but you aren't missing much.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the whole "simply live" philosophy and what that means. I've also been thinking about the Slow Year that Riana writes about on her blog.

Honestly I'm not a big consumer. I buy clothes only when I need to because it's a traumatic experience. I don't think about being 60 lbs overweight until I need clothes and then it slams me right smack up side the head that you aren't Kat Von D. You are a 45 yr old, 5'2", 60 lb overweight woman.
Damn, that realization hurts every single time.
Which then causes tears and me to leave the store, trying not to snot all over everything. You think I'd eventually get a clue but I don't. So clothes shopping is not in my retail therapy arsenal. I tend to buy groceries(see 60 lbs overweight) and stash. Not even a lot of stash. I've done very well the last few years sticking to stitching from the stash, using what's on hand and over all not helping the economy out too much but it's not with any kind of plan, believe me, if I had the money, I'd spend it all on stash. Seriously.
But as grocery prices continue to rise I find myself pulling out my whole foods cookbooks, Moosewood, I had forgotten how much I love you, and Laurels Kitchen too. Time to once again reclaim my good habits and go back to a more vegetable based diet, not giving up meat entirely like I did when I was pregnant with the 21 yr old but definitely focus on better meal planning. I have done none of that in the last six months. I went on strike because I honestly got tired of all the complaining about how "I don't want to eat this or that" so screw them all, order a $6 Howies pizza every night as far as I'm concerned. The other night I made eggplant/zucchini parmesan using a mix of recipes from the original Moosewood cookbook and Laurel's Kitchen. It was killer. Probably just as high calorie as a burger since the eggplant is fried before being parmesaned but OMG, it was incredible and worth the effort, even in 300% humidity with the stove and oven on, worth the effort, the sweat, the extra heat in the house.
And because we all take our celebrity where we can find it and I'm shameless. Have you all got your Primitive Needle Witches Hollow chart? Have you? Here's the faraway shot with two pots I found in the garage, purchased years ago at the flea market for like a $1 a piece, they were misfires. I think that's the term.

Anyway if you remove your chart from the package and read through it, you might just see this:

Yep that's me! Thanks for the shout out Lisa! I know, obnoxious much? That's me.


Margaret said...

Your Simply Live is beautiful, Melissa! What fibers are you using? I didn't know it called for Valdani till my friend Kathy kitted it up and there were the Valdani threads sitting there. I love love love that mermaid! How cute is that! Pretty funny about the guy at security thinking it was a vampire! And hey, on Witches Hollow? Great name! You deserve the limelight on that one. :D

Katrina said...

Love your Simply Live! I couldn't do a year without buying anything unless financial necessity dictated it :-). I will say though I've tried to cut down on my Target runs and unnecessaries come out of my allowance, new thing DH and I are trying, so I think twice about things.

Gorgeous mermaid, I think I need a trip to Pennsylvania :-).

karenv said...

Kudos on the Witches Hollow name Melissa, it's a good one (and now I know which Melissa is being referred to!).

(Oh, and psst...that's my name on the chart too, right above yours...;) )

Anna van Schurman said...

I'd be telling everyone I know!

The Scarlett House said...

Obnoxious? You? Never! You know we love ya, Melissa. I'd be proud,too. Love that sweet little piece of Eldreth.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your Simply Live is Simply Lovely! The colors are beautiful and your stitching divine!

Love your Aldreth pottery mermaid - she's a beauty! What a great treasure for what sounded like an awesome get together!

How fun is that to get your name in a pattern! I also know the feeling and it's so FUN!

Good luck with the healthy eating - it's always a challenge.

Missy Ann said...

Live Simply looks fab! And that mermaid is wonderful too.

(((Mel))) 5'nothing and was 100lb over. And yes I'm sick to death of all the "yuck - not eating that" too. You can invite me over for eggplant any time.

Nicole said...

Melissa, you are making great progress on Simply Live!! I can relate to the shopping! I HATE shopping for clothes!! I only buy groceries and stash too - what a coincidence! :) Oh man - Hungry Howies - that brings back memories!! :) Your Eldreth Pottery mermaid is so beautiful! I know what you mean about Pennsylvania - when I drove through there this summer I loved it. I could definitely see myself living there!! :) Let's move!!! LOL!

Charlene said...

Obnoxious - no way! I'd be tickled, too. Love the Live Simply philosophy - AND your stitching of it!

Laura said...

That's funny, I've had my eye on both Simply Live and Witches Hollow. Congrats on the name and kudos to the designer for giving you credit for it.