Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Blocks left to crochet for afghan-1 1/2

Simply Live-need to stitch letters R-Z numbers 1-0, a bit of border and a few minor motifs.

Quilt-squares cut(months ago), still not sewn together. Just do it already. Plan to lame out and tie it instead of quilting it but I need a cover for my bed, period. Tying(tieing?) is just fine with me thank you very much.

Rearrange bedroom, give it a studio apartment feel. Sleep on one side, create on the other. Paint, make it look nice yet functional. Turn it into a chick cave because I need my own space. Spousal unit just sleeps there anyway. He doesn't care what it looks like as long as his side of the bed is sleepable.

Paint chili pepper red dresser white, acquire cubes with baskets to place on top and store various stash related stuff. Find new drawer pulls or knobs-something funky and cool if budget allows.

Move work table from living room to bedroom, look for prettier work table in the future or at least one that might fold out for sewing, fold up desk like for soldering, laptop, other desk related functions--maybe one of those sewing tables at JoAnn's. Hmmmm.....

Clean out closet, find mini dresser to fit inside closet to store underwear, pjs, tshirts.

Get some under the bed boxes for stash. Space that is completely unused and wasted, make it functional.

Find some wood, paint "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" on it(or maybe just order one premade from etsy or ebay), hang above the other closet door, viewable from the new bed position. Maybe crackle it. Try to ignore the fact that penmanship sucks(see "maybe order one").

Going to be busy around here for the next week.


Charlene said...

...that's a list for the week?? I'd say busy!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have a great plan!! Can't wait to see pics of some of your efforts!

Anna van Schurman said...

Check Target for pulls. My mother got funky green glass ones there for cheap. Also, you might try to find a stencil if you don't like your writing. (I found at least 5 different ones with a quick google search.) I always do stick lettering with dots on the ends--the dots let you fudge when the letters aren't even.

Deb said...

Check Hobby Lobby for the Always Kiss Me Goodnight saying. I just saw them there and with a coupon, about $10.00!! Sounds like you have a very impressive list of things to do! Hope you make it through all of it!

Carol said...

Target has cute wooden signs that are crackled. They had Always Kiss Me Goodnight, bought I bought All Because Two People Fell in Love. Ten bucks. Done. Ready to hang. Kudos to you Melissa....tying is great...git'r done!

Siobhan said...

Go for it, Melissa! Love the progress on Simply Live, too. I'm way behind on blog commenting so might have missed saying that!

Boyz Mom said...

You're very brave to post your to do list on your blog!!! A great woman!