Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Something For Everybody

Here's the current state of Midsummer Night Designs Monkey Sampler: I tried taking the picture from a weird angle, you know to add interest to the shot? I think I really seriously need to read some books on photography because I so keep getting stuff wrong!

Here's one of the over 1 monkeys. How cute is he? The fabrics below are for this quilt-
Just Beachy Karen Stone:

I bought the pattern about 9 yrs ago. I decided to dig through the fabric bin and see if I had any that might work and I think this is a good start. I think I left one out, I had another light blue batik. The fabric to the far left really doesn't work at this time but I'm hoping to find a few fabrics to coordinate with it because I have a lot of it and I like it.

Remember this tree?

Yesterday we said good-bye to it thanks to our friend Steve who offered to take it down for us before it fell on a kid. Is he a good guy or what?

Steve was very patient with us when we asked dumb questions like, "If you have to chop it down from the back why are you notching it on the front?" The answer: So you can control where it falls and it doesn't hit the house. Good thing we didn't try to just figure it out ourselves or we're pretty sure we'd have a tree on our house and the oldest son would now have a skylight.

Yes it was one honkin' big pine tree.

The front yard sure looks empty now doesn't it? We're trying to decide what kind of tree to plant to replace it. Yes, our grass is dead. Two years of drought isn't a good thing for the grass. Our neighbors have been working hard to have a green yard and so far their's still looks a lot like ours. We tried grass seed and it's not growing. The fact our front yard is the neighborhood football field doesn't help.
Sue the Spousal Unit would love to live in No Cal. He's a huge Oakland Raiders fan. We've considered moving out there on several occaisions and then realize that five people living in a car might get kind of crowded! He's been out there several times for games and every time he gets home he starts planning a move.
Head over there and show her the love! Can't wait to get a copy of this.
And yes, Earth Day was a few days ago, but hey, Sheryl Crow has some interesting tips on how to save the earth. Can you spare a square? How about a dinner sleeve instead of a paper napkin or better yet, how about the snot sleeve for the cold season, who needs tissue? I'm not making this up, read it for yourself. I find it interesting she's all about saving the earth but her song is the music on a commercial for a car that I don't believe is a hybrid. I could be wrong about that, need to investigate. I love Sheryl Crow but seriously, one square of toilet paper? No way!


Carol said...

I just love your Monkey Sampler :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Raiders fans are a dedicated bunch. I don't know, your kids are living the surf life, I'm not sure I could move away from that. Love the sampler! I can't wait to get my free time back to finish up mine.

Jacque said...

Love the monkey sampler...the monkey itself is too cute for words!

andrea said...

You're making great progress on your Monkey Sampler, it's too cute. I love her designs and have a lot on my "to stitch" list!
I'd be so pissed about that tree! Little brats! Urgh!
Yeah, that "one square" thing just proves that celebrities don't live in the real world. I wonder if she wipes HER hiney with just one square? Um, I don't think so!

Michelle said...

Monkey Sampler looks fantastic - that over one monkey is adorable! And you've chosen perfect fabrics for Just Beachy.

Lucy said...

That monkey would be cute all by itself on something...or a bunch of them as a border...so cute!