Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend Stuff

Here's today's progress pic of CHS Strawberry Blonde. As you can see I still have not completed the large tomatoesque strawberry. Close but not there yet.

I'm trying to understand why some people can take pictures of coffee cups and they look like art and my still lifes(lives?) come out just looking dumb. Not one to be afraid of humiliating herself, I give you "Strawberry Blonde with Strawberries".

Yes, you are correct in assuming the table needs to be painted. The spousal unit does not understand the concept of putting down newspapers before painting anything. You think this is bad? Don't even ask about the kitchen table. I'm just glad there are such things as tablecloths in the world because, our naked dining table, there are no words to describe how ugly it is!

Current picture of the Vintage Vertical Stripe Crocheted Blanket Pattern above, the four or five rows to the right are the most recent additions. Once again, attempting the artsy still life, I present, "Strawberries on Top of Vintage Striped Blanket".

I've managed to finish a couple of books over the last week:
I started Kingdoms: A Love Story, Mary Jane Salk and also started

Been doing some cooking, trying a few new recipes. One night we had Ree's

Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich for dinner. It was a hit with the family, with the exception of the 11 yr old. He won't eat anything that isn't spaghetti or pizza or a chicken nugget. The sandwich is great, requests were made to add it to the dinner rotation.
Last night I made Shrimp Fried Rice, Egg Foo Young, and used Meari's Musings. General Tso's Chicken recipe. When you click on the link scroll down for Meari's Recipe. It was good. I didn't have any rice wine vinegar and just used rice vinegar. I think the sauce would have been a little bit sweeter had I been able to find the rice wine vinegar. I also went a little overboard with the soy sauce. I added a little more than the recipe called for by accident. You know you're pouring the soy sauce into the measuring spoon and it kind of overflows into the bowl because you aren't paying attention? So my sauce was a teeny tiny bit saltier than it probably was supposed to have been.
Hopefully the weekend will be quiet and uneventful. Those are my favorite kind.
Jane has a nice post on a room of one's own, read it here: yarnstorm: a room of one's own
I'm looking forward to her book.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! Nice job on the stitching on both x-stitch and crochet. Can't wait to see FO's. I look forward to summer when I have my free time back to stitch the day away.

claudia said...

Those strawberries look yummy enough to eat! LOL! I like your pics! Oh and your stitching, both cross stitch and crochet look great!

Carol said...

Strawberry Blonde looks fantastic - I have been contemplating getting this one :-) I can't wait for it to finally be strawberry season here in New England :-)

Kiwi Jo said...

I think your photos look lovely! I know what you mean though - how do people make dirty dishes and old socks look artistic? No snow here, just lots and lots of rain.

andrea said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. To answer your question about the date book cover that Deb made out of my Bluebird's Message....I think it's just a standard date's not one that I sent to her. Not sure that I will keep it like that as it's dated for 2007, so guess it'll need to be redone later.
Thanks again...your Strawberry Blonde is looking good! Mine is framed and hangs where i can see it every day!

Nicole said...

Your Strawberry Blonde is looking so pretty! I love your blanket too... I'm slowly working on a ripple afghan right now. Love your blog!

P.S. that sandwich had me drooling - I'm definitely making that tomorrow!! :)