Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Finding My Way Back

To the part of my life devoted to my passion for the X. Not a lot of stitching has been accomplished lately. I've been so overwhelmed with all the projects I'd love to start, all the ones I have started that I want to complete, that the thought of picking up a needle and making virtually no progress made my stomach hurt. Maybe I take this a little to seriously? My mojo is back and I have been working on the little BBD freebie, no picture today, the sky looks pretty stormy so I'll tempt you with the following:

Mermaid's Folly by Courtney Glau.

Next is Adam & Eve-Permin .
I saw this stitched in red and now I'm obsessing over it.

Another obsession is thanks to Carol, check the Garden of Stitches link in the sidebar, she mentioned a new Long Dog, St. Reatham-longdog-/LD32.jpg on her blog. MUST STITCH THIS! Check out her and Kiwi Jo's progress on Paradigm Lost too. I really want to be their BFF. They both manage to get so much stitching accomplished, always gorgeous projects.

The Home Front

Sick and tired of my usual lasagna, I gave Pioneer Woman's Best Lasagna. Ever. a try. Below you can see my sauce simmering. Excuse the ugly pot, the good one was boiling noodles.

Here's the lasagne before baking:

And here's the first slice-no I will never win an award for food presentation. Top Chef participants need not fear me. It was plate licking good and that is what's important. The family said this was way better than the usual crap I serve. So that's a four star rating! Hard to get around here.

The youngest DS looked out the back door yesterday afternoon and said, "Mom, look how green the backyard is!" So I snapped the two shots below:

These trees were glowing around all the dead leaves.

Warning for Pink Monkeys:
If you are anywhere near our house, you must die. Trust me it's better than a live kitten!

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Jacque said...

ROFL...Shania (our youngest yorkie) has a purple monkey that gets tossed around like she's weightless...what is it about monkeys?!?

Your lasagne looks great!