Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter In Florida

Or instead of waiting on the Easter Bunny, why we were awaiting the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

Those of you farther north of us may recognise these icy particles on top of the car. When we saw this we had an urge to jump in the car and stock up on bread, milk, and toilet paper. Instead of chocolate Easter Bunnies there was an urge to make hot chocolate, snow ice cream. Very disturbing as we are three miles from the Gulf of Mexico, this isn't supposed to happen. We collected ourselves, determined that the bridges were not going to freeze and we were just being freaks, then we look out the back door and see this collecting on the chair cushion:

It's April, it's 40 degrees, it's the Florida Panhandle, Florida's Emerald Coast, there is nothing right about this picture at all. The global warming theory, consider me a believer. The people at Winn Dixie referred to it as hail-yes we went to the grocery, OK?
No I Was NOT Drunk

While stitching Abbey Lane's California Wine Sampler. Here's a finished picture:

Hmmm, something isn't right. There's something missing. What could it be? X, Y and Z.

Doh! Forgot that pesky Y? How'd that happen?

Y is in, it's all good, or is it? NO, the X is a thread off at the top right. Doh! Again. Maybe I shouldn't focus so much on Pacey and pay more attention to what I'm doing!

X is frogged, can I now get this done for cryin' outloud?

YES! We have an X, we have a Y. Everything lines up, or does it? I will never tell. Just as I now believe in Global Warming, I also believe in the Amish mistake. There is one in this piece. If you look real close you might be able to find it. Me, I'm going for a glass of wine and some quality Pacey time.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my dye job. Comments are always appreciated around here.


Sharon said...

Beautiful, Melissa, I am so happy for you that you finished this piece. Its gorgeous. I love the picture with, what are those things called FLOWERS!! Up north here I am a little lonesome for them. :) Hugs, Sharon xoxox

claudia said...

What's up with the weather???
I think your sampler is just lovely, and I see no mistakes. It's art and it's beautiful...that's what counts!

Carol said...

Much, much better with the Y - LOL! Hail on Easter? We are getting snow yet again on Thursday - what's up with this??

Anne S said...

Yet another post from you that has had me in fits - loved your before, after, and 'during' photos of the wine sampler ... it's a great design :) That hail's awesome too ... hopefully the warmer weather will be right around the corner for you! :D

Michelle said...

Beautiful finish! I just love that piece. I was in San Antonio this weekend and it was 38 degrees - at Easter - craziness!

monique said...

Yes, this weather is absolutely insane! Nice finish :)