Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blogging From

The Land of Misfit Computers.

The laptop died last week. As I write this it's on it's way back to the factory because we had the foresight to buy the extended warranty but my biggest fear is they are going to send it back to me with a note, "You spilled something on it, it's not covered under the warranty". Everyone in this house was questioned relentlessly regarding any kind of spillage and all denials were solid. Doesn't mean it didn't happen, could be I live in a house full of very good liars. Since the motherboard frying was a long process and not a situation where the laptop just didn't turn on one day I'm hoping it's some kind of defect and not human error.

So not much computing is going on here. Saturday I checked email from the library and as long as the oldest is in school I can use his computer but his room is a very scary place. I'm sitting here staring at an extra large diamond studded black wine glass with the word "PIMP" written out in faux diamonds. He uses it as a candy dish. It holds about 2 lbs of Skittles. I told you it was big.

I've been working on the Monkey Sampler, pictures when I get the computer back, hopefully repaired, in 10 days or so or whenever I get the money to get it repaired when it comes back still broken. I am not very optimistic these days am I?

I'm also going to start the Just Beachy Quilt. All fabrics are washed, I found some more Batiks in a Rubbermaid Bucket. Who knows when I bought these fat quarters but they all seem to work with the fabrics I already had so I have a nice variety now.

Have you all been reading No Impact Man? Check it out. It's made me think about a lot of the choices I make everyday and how they could be better. They are shutting off Impact Man's power next week. I wonder how they are going to charge the computer to keep blogging or if maybe his wife will blog for him from her office? Washing clothes without a washing machine, I don't know. I get enough of that during hurricane season. After Ivan I did laundry in a big tub in the back yard. I used an oar as an agitator, didn't think about stomping it grape style. Will save that for the next big hurricane.


Anna van Schurman said...

I have a little eco post ready to go from when the dude and I watched Green: The New Red, White, and Blue. But I am so not prepared to go this far. It's called living the contradiction!

Anonymous said...

Wow! An oar! Amen for modern conveniences, huh? I don't think I'd like to go back to those days but do try to be as green as a modern person can.

Good luck with the computer!

Jacque said...

WOW! I never picture you equipped with an oar for washing clothes. I'm so impressed...at the variety of your skillz, yo!

As for the "pimp" glass, my nephew had a hat that said the same thing. Sheesh..you're like 19 what do you know about a pimp? Terrance Howard....now HE"s a PIMP! : )