Friday, November 10, 2006

Suffering Withdrawal

Computer problems suck beyond belief. My laptop is still in the shop. They had to order a keyboard, it hasn't arrived yet. The family computer is still broken, and I'm stuck using the oldest son's computer. When they go to school it's not a problem but everyone is home today. Why do these kids get so many days off? Keep them in school! It will be a brawl all weekend for anyone to score any computer time because the oldest son doesn't like his space being invaded. The whining started a little while ago when I wanted to check email.

So on to happier subjects. I've been working on Hester's Needle's Liberty Sampler. If you go to Hoffman, do a designer search for Hester's Needle you can see Liberty Sampler. I'm also gathering up some ornament supplies but I can't find my ornament sized cuts of fabric.

Had planned to do some blog redesign this weekend but with all my computer issues we'll just stay with the currently uninspired format for a little while longer. I need to write some more html for the changes anyway. Anyone use beta Blogger? If so do you like it? I've been toying with the idea but Blogger as it is now isn't too much trouble and I hate to rock the boat.

Started reading On Writing by Stephen King yesterday. I do love that man. Also have Live Bait by PJ Tracy started.

The youngest son will be 11 tomorrow. I don't know where the years have gone. It seems like just yesterday he was a baby in my arms, or my belly and now he's on the cusp of his teen years. I love you dude!

No big plans for the weekend other than stitching as much as possible, taking the youngest out for his birthday dinner of choice(this mean we'll all be choking down CiCi's Pizza, guess there are worse meals), and wandering the mall so he can spend his birthday fortune, oh and birthday cake and ice cream. Not too bad.


Stasia said...

I'm so sorry about the computer woes!

And sorry for not getting back to you sooner on the comments from my blog - I forgot to give Haloscan my new e-mail addy. (Duh!)

We figured out about the septic/sink stink... the septic is new, so not backing up, but there is no trap on the sink as the idiot who owned this place installed it himself (along with all of the other substandard plumbing - SIGH!) I know what you mean about trying the bleach - I was ready to try ANYTHING. Still can't wait to have it fixed!

Have a GREAT day!

Sue said...

Oh dear! So sorry about the computer problems. Anarchy would reign in this house if we all had to share. *shudder* Happy Birthday to the boy!!

Meari said...

Computer problems suck. I'd be lost if I didn't have mine.