Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Brain Overload

You know you have too much on your stitching plate when you avoid stitching to work Sodoku puzzles.

I get all these ideas about what I will finish and when and then when my expectations aren't met, I want to work on something else because it all seems so hopeless. The finishing of the focus project that is. I've been working away on House #7 on HOHRH and it's still not finished. It's the neverending block. I'm filling in the last house and then have the flowers in the top left corner of the block, and the ecru along the bottom. Not really a lot of stitching but if I look at it any more I'll hurl. Since the finishing of this blocks seems like it will never happen, cleaning almost sounds good. At least with enough Soft Scrub and good sponge my bath tub will eventually be clean. I don't know if House #7 will ever be completed. The more I stitch the more there is to stitch. How does that happen on some projects? You're cruising right along, feeling cocky. "I'm going to finish this project in the next week, oh yes I am." Then all of a sudden no matter what you do, no matter how long you sit and stitch, there doesn't appear to be any progress. I expect this on Fairy Grandmother, so many color changes in tiny areas, but not with HOHRH. It's pretty straightforward.

Added to the confusion of the whole no progress thing, I've been itching to sew. Sew? I hate sewing. But my friend told me my hatred of sewing was my machine's fault not my lack of skills. My sewing machine apparently is a piece of junk that probably never worked right but since I'm such a dork I assumed the machine was good, I was just doing it wrong. So now I want to sew but can't until I buy a new machine and I can't buy a new machine until that money tree blooms in the backyard. Sears had a mini machine on sale a few weeks ago, it might be a possibility, but looks like the layaway at the store who shall not be named will be my best bet especially with the major purchase of new school clothes x 2 hitting me in the face this month. The one positive is that with the purchase of school clothes it means the start of school is right around the corner. Sweet.

I also pulled out Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker book and started obsessing over various crochet projects I'd love to start.

Not to mention several quilts I want to make. Some pieced, some with embroidered blocks. Yes, I'm still obsessing over embroidery.

There's not enough time in the day for every thing I want to do.

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Michelle said...

I'm totally there with ya! I often think, oh this will be done in no time, and months later I am still stitching away on it wondering what the hell I was thinking. Keep going on your HOHRH when you can - it is looking great. (Maybe you can start on a different house?)