Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Long Time No Post

I think this might be the longest time I've gone without a post. Things have been busy here at the ranch. With any luck I'll have pictures tomorrow of my in progress work area. The spousal unit built me a very cool desk over the weekend but due to the fact that we aren't carpenters or engineers we didn't take a few things into consideration before constructing a massive piece of furniture. As I told him, "I'm just the idea chick."

I hope to have a new progress pic of HOHRH to post tomorrow too.

Other things have been going on but boring and stressful so we'll just leave them to your imagination.

Summer break is coming into the home stretch and it's about time.

We did take the kids to see Pirates of the Caribbean this weekend. Good movie. Long, nothing resolved, but the 2.5 hours flew by. I think that means it was a pretty good movie especially since the youngest son is now watching the first movie over and over.

The spousal unit also gave me a few hours break from the incessant whining of "I'm bored" by taking the boys to see the movie My Super Hero ExGirlfriend or something like that. They all enjoyed it.

We're all looking forward to Talladega Nights.

Just recently I caught The 40 Yr Old Virgin on cable. Why didn't I see this movie sooner? It's great.

The way the world is right now a little silliness is a good thing.

I finished two books this weekend, if I'm stitching, I'm watching the news. If I'm reading the tv is off. So over the weekend I read The Eyre Affair by Jason Fford. Wonderful book, can't wait to track down more in this series. I also read The Diamond King by Patricia Potter. A very nice piece of bodice ripping, pirate escapism. It doesn't get much better than that. Aye!

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barbara_in_tennessee said...

Hey, Melissa, you have inspired me :) Yesterday at the store that must not be named I picked up the Summer 2006 issue of BH&G Quilts and More and bought five fall fabbies (try typing that real quick) to make the tote that pictured on the front. LOVE reading about your planned and started projects.