Monday, July 03, 2006

You Know You Need A Life When

You dream about your stitching. Yes, stitching has invaded dreamland. I'm not sure what this dream was about other than my friend Siobhan and I were talking about stitching and Alma of Blackbird Designs was there. I can't figure out where Alma fit in the dream but there ya go.

Karen-I've been thinking about what you wrote as a solution to my error on HOHRH and what I think I'm going to do is finish stitching the piece and then see if frogging that bottom row will be easy. I know I started at one corner and worked my way up, but it's possible I worked my way down on the other side, which would mean more frogging than I want to do but you're right, frogging that bottom row wouldn't really throw the design off at all only someone that knows the pattern would notice the error. Like anyone examines any of my stitching that closely anyway.

We had semi-unexpected company this weekend(my brother said they might stop by on their way home from Rodent World and they did) so I didn't get any stitching in on Saturday and yesterday was hit or miss which means Block #7 isn't finished yet. Hopefully by Tuesday it will be finished. See why I never set goals? I never seem to meet them.

I watched Failure to Launch this weekend. What a funny movie. There were parts that made me cringe because they were just stupid, but then I told myself, "Self get over yourself, this is stupid but funny stupid!" So I did and I think it's a pretty good summer movie to pop in over and over and stitch to. I also watched Casanova, enjoyed it. Will definitely be added to the stitching DVD rotation.

On top of my obsession with finishing HOHRH, I discovered this:
Counterfeit Crochet Project through pinku's blog and wow! Now I have this itch to crochet some counterfeit bags. People are so creative! Here's a link to the blog where you you can find more pics if you check out her archives:
anti-factory .

Now getting back to cross stitch, I'm so close to having HOHRH finished, 2 1/4 blocks away from completion is a good estimate, but now I'm wanting to start something new. I want to start CHS Haunting Mermaid. I've had this kitted up since last year and never started it because I couldn't decide if I'd do the beaded swags above her head or just stitch the border. The beaded swags look cool and it would definitely make the piece stand out but I was undecided about what I wanted to do so I never started it and now she's "haunting" me so to speak. I've been thinking about this project for the last week and it's making me nuts! I refuse to set HOHRH aside this close to being finished but I'm such a project ho I may break down and put a few stitches in her every day, I mean what harm can one length of floss a day on a new project do? Who does that hurt? It's a CHS design too so it's all in the family right?

It's the first of the month, well the third, close enough. Here's a list of things I'd like to accomplish in July. Not goals just muses:

1)Finish HOHRH
2)Work on a TW project every Monday if only for an hour.
3)Work on BBD Sunflower House
4)Start Haunting Mermaid
5)Start Village of Hawk Run Hollow(this is a maybe--need to gather supplies)
6)Kit up several projects so they are ready to go when I finish a few things.
7)Finish a crocheted afghan I have thisclose to finished for my mother so I can once again be on the good daughter list.

None crafty related things:
1)Spackle the walls and paint living room, bathrooms, hallway and my bedroom.
2)Get rid of clutter so someone can come in and clean the carpet in the living room and hallway.
3)Figure out a way to hang things on the wall so that they are pleasing to the eye and not just a jumble of cross stitch stuff.
4)Get some pictures of the boys framed and on the wall
5)Try very hard to keep the house company ready--quit being a lazy slug and do it!

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Siobhan said...

LOL about the dream, Melissa!! I can only assume that I was thin & beautiful in the dream, right??? ROFLOL! You should start Haunting Mermaid... make it on a bigger count than some of your other projects & then you have a project you can rest your eyes with. ;)