Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today's Blog is Brought to You by....

The word Family and the color green. Family because I have my three nieces here and the color green because that is the color of my face and shirt after the baby had pees for an appetizer while waiting on pizza. The blog this week is dedicated to family so they can keep up with the health and well being of three little girls left in my care until Saturday. No pictures today but the pressing baby questions yesterday were, "How much sand can a baby eat before I get too worried? Seaweed is the same thing as kelp right? How much of that can she eat?" Also there's nothing greater than sticking a baby in the Gulf to rinse the sand off and then sitting her on the towel and watching her trying to lick the sand off her chest. Who knew a baby had a tongue that long?

So family here's the update of yesterday. The ride home from Mobile was eventless except for one pee stop at the Florida Welcome Center. Guess which one needed to pee? Then it was interesting trying to get them out of the rest stop because automatic sinks and hand dryers are just too cool. We get back in the car and head home after matching our feet to the animal feet in the concrete in front of the rest area.

We get home, rest for oh, 5 seconds and head to the beach. Harleigh loves it but stays where I tell her too, Laney kind of freaked at first but then we started kicking the water, she now believes she controls all the water on earth but she had a blast. Alex, well she sat on the shoreline, waves coming right up to her, the child never cried, never whined, she loved it. She loves eating sand more and the kid has an addiction to salt. She kept sticking her hand in the water and sucking the salt water off her hand. The funniest part was her trying to lick every bit of salt flavoring off her body.

Then it was back home to play. Harleigh played Toon Town with Harrison, Laney played with everyone on the street and wanted to go see Pam because she "had been to that house before" loves her fort in her back yard and Alex was very good.

Papa Johns for dinner and oh I no longer have to worry about the animal smell in house since the couch is now covered in Garlic butter. Garlic smells much better than dog anyway.

Everyone went to sleep ok last night, Alex kind of woke up every few hours but as long as I was holding her she was fine.

So have fun on the trip and I'll post pics later today or first thing tomorrow.

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Andrea said...

LOL! What a great post Melissa! I think I need to dump some garlic butter on my couch, it's only 18 years old and smells pretty doggie too! You're right, garlic smell is way better than dog smell.