Wednesday, May 10, 2006


That it's Wednesday and we're still here. Below is the baby with yes, a balloon. I'm very anti- balloon for the very reason that we ended up with this one. It was floating along the shoreline. Turtles, fish, dolphins could have tried to eat the ribbon and died because someone was careless and it let it go. It was entertaining watching it float along the shore line, watching the 10 yr old run to get it when it washed up on shore and then really entertaining when it made the baby happy for 15 minutes. So while I would normally go on a rant about someone being so careless and how they obviously don't care about the environment, right now I want to say "Thanks". That balloon came along at just the right time. Looking for seashells......
Boogie boarding and shouldn't that boy be in school?

Proof that I cook, or rather when someone is screaming for pancakes now, I make pancakes NOW! Look at the face....should have it seen when I said, "Ok I'll make pancakes as soon someone can help with Alex" well that didn't work. Pancakes now means pancakes 5 mins ago. This is also an example of "let me pour the syrup on your pancakes"..."No I can do it myself" What do you get? Pancake soup! She helped cook too. If you consider helping sticking your fingers in the batter bowl, licking your fingers and sticking them back in the bowl of batter, and licking the spoon. (uh, I passed on a plate of pancakes, I held out for pizza)
First morning, see she's OK. Blurry pic, because I wanted to snap it before she realized I wasn't holding her!
Current injury report, one hurt toe, several ant bites, and 1 yellow fly bite.

P.S. Someone could have warned us about the terror that a tornado warning strikes in the heart of Harleigh. The warning went off on the tv, the child freaked! After we explained it was Alabama, she said we were close to Alabama, we said not that close. Finally got her calmed down, but I don't think she really believed us.


Becky Parker said...

You're doing a great job since everyone's still alive (including you)! Just a few more days and the rescue team will be coming in... Becky

Andrea said...

I say give that poor child some more syrup, those pancakes look awfully dry, lol!

Anonymous said...

doing a wonderful job, we'll bring them back in june...sue