Monday, May 29, 2006


It feels more like a Thursday. Holiday weekends are like that around the house, LONG. But it's Monday and I'm now officially spending some part of Monday with a Teresa Wentzler project. As evidence of that, below you can see my current TW WIP, Fantasy Triptych . It's what I've completed so far of the inside border, the "6" symbol. I think I'm going to break up stitching the border with working on the section to the far left and possibly stitching a little here and there on the middle section. In all honesty this project is probably the biggest BAP I've ever attempted and is why I've been so slow to get back to work on it. It's one of those that I can't imagine ever completing. At the same time I feel that way about all TW designs.
Another TW design I have in progress is Tradewinds but I didn't bother to take a picture as I only have a tiny portion of the outer border of the top left corner stitched. Nothing really to see. Until my fabric for Tropical Dream and Teresa Wentzler - Mermaid arrives I'll alternate between FT and Tradewinds. Those two alone should keep me occupied for many, many Mondays to come. Before the end of the summer I will also add Castles by the Sea and come September The Fortunate Traveler will also be added to the Monday rotation. That should set me up with plenty of choices for TW Monday stitching and give me time to get a few others kitted up. I mean I might actually complete one of these and need their slot filled ASAP.

Since it's a holiday weekend I treated myself and started BBD Sunflower House. No scan today since it's a TW Monday, but I plan to work on Sunflower House a little more today and will take a pic or scan my progress tomorrow. There's a Law & Order: Criminal Intent marathon on the USA channel today and since I'm sunburned it seems like spending the afternoon in front of the tv stitching is a good idea. Other than that we plan to grill out some Hawaiian chicken(Lawry's marinade) and just hang out around the house. Boring but nice.

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