Thursday, May 11, 2006

Adventures in Babysitting

We headed out to the Gulfarium at 10am. The day was planned out to the minute since we had to be home by 2:30 to take Ryne to work. We arrive at the Gulfarium at 10:20. We are told that there are schools attending shows today and they won't open to the public until 11:30. I seriously considered crying. What could I do with these kids for an hour? We ended up grabbing a snack at the closest McDs and eating in the car in the Gulfarium parking lot. (I'm really sorry about that whole chocolate milkshake incident). We head back into the Gulfarium at 11:20. I purchase batteries for the camera because the idiot middle son removed them without telling anyone. (Note to self: Remind Jack that batteries that aren't rechargeable can't be charged in the battery charger, it could explode). I purchase batteries and then take the picture below. Innocent looking group huh? Sweet kids, well behaved, right? Why isn't that boy in school? We head over to the sea lion show. Wait someone is missing from this picture. Where could she be?
There she is, doing her own thing. Did you know that these bleachers are apparently soundproofed? I called her, told her to get down, she appeared to not hear a word I said.
We decided to sit here, everyone else moved to other seats. Wow a whole section to ourselves!
Next we visit the touch pool. Lots of nifty sea creatures to touch and hold.
Mr. Horseshoe Crab seems to enjoy his visitors.
His visitors on the other hand thought he felt pretty gross.
Look, a cool shell, wait....what does that sign say?
For the record, that was an empty shell waiting for it's next hermit crab resident.
They look happy don't they? Well things can only go down hill from here.

Let's see, should I take a moment and apologise to the family who's Norman Rockwellesque home video was disrupted by me running through the scene not once but twice, oh and for sticking my tongue out right in the middle of your picture but I didn't appreciate your nasty condescending look when all I did was remove a screaming kid from a seahorse merry go round. I'm sure your perfect little angel would just say, "Of course papa I am ready to leave if it is your wish." Give me a break.

And Ms. Dolphin trainer chick was it really too much to ask when all Laney wanted was to see the dolphins jump up and touch the red balls one more time? I mean what's one more jump between dolphins? Also, why didn't you let Laney throw the football? She's just a three yr old but has a good arm. Believe me she was right on target when she punched out the neighbor girl for the swing this afternoon.

In the car I asked Laney what she liked most about the trip to the Gulfarium, the dolphins, the sea lions, me dragging her kicking and screaming out the door? She said, "Missy, you didn't drag me out, you carried me out."

Total injuries for the day: one skinned leg from slipping on the rock beside the dolphin while trying to punch out a sister. You can figure out which was the puncher and which one was the punchee yourselves.

Total flip flops lost to the sharks in the shark moat: zero but we came close a couple of times.

Number of people clapping when we left: 57, but that's just a rough estimate.

All in all a good day.

Important fact of the week: It's not about the pizza, it's all about the garlic butter sauce. Many a child's dinner can be ruined if there is no garlic butter sauce to dunk the pizza in. Who knew?


Sue said...

Oh my! What lovely pics and kids! Sounds like a fun day in spite of all the normal noises. :)

Kimmie said...

Those photos are great. I'm glad that everyone survived the aquarium trip.

I love your blog!!!

Meari said...

Loved your story for today. Gotta love the kids!! LOL

Sharon said...

beautiful pics and children. Must have been fun to have all them girls around for a change. Wish my 4 were all little again, errr maybe not but anyway, glad you had a good time.
Hugs, Sharon