Thursday, July 21, 2005


Appears to be in the near future for me. Feelings? Relief! Sadness. Sadness at the loss of money. But if the DH and I grow up and act 40 instead of 14 we should be just fine. I'm tired, exhausted, beginning to think I need to be medicated(along with the rest of my immediate family), hence the feeling of relief. Not sure when this will happen, could be a week, could be a month. The business is being sold so I'm officially retiring when everything is signed and the deal is done.

I plan to order me a ball winder before the paychecks quit rolling in. A luxury, yet also a necessity. Other must haves I hope to squeeze in? Hmmm, another order from Knit Picks for more sock yarn and a few books, an order from the Scarlet Letter for a few kits and books. Other than that I think I'm done with the stashing for a while. Sure there are a few charts here and there that I'd like to purchase and of course I'll always need fabric for future quilting projects that never seem to get off the ground due to my lack of color theory skills, and I'll need fabric for various cross stitch projects too but over all I'm pretty well set in the area of stash for a good long while. Of course there are tons of projects I want to kit up for future stitching but I can go back to my longterm stashing system, you know, buy the chart, buy the fabric, gradually collect the floss and beads and whatever else I might need for the project. Stashing that way is good, teaches me self discipline, respect for a dollar, you get the picture.

Purchases I want to make that aren't necessarily craft related you are asking? Let's see Season 3 of the Gilmore Girls, Season 2 of MacGyver, and Season 1 of the O.C. That should set me up pretty doggone well for some fine TV viewing post retirement. I've had Seasons 1 and 2 of the Gilmore Girls for over two months and still haven't had time to watch more than the first two episodes of Season 1. That means my life is way too busy. Kids basketball ends this weekend. YEA!!! Sorry I couldn't contain my joy. Kids start school in less than 10 days! If you think I'm jumping up and down and dancing, you dear reader are correct! So unemployment=less money for stashing, but school starting=a quiet house during the day for crafty pursuits, reading, and may be some serious cleaning. Ok not too serious, one does need their stitching time, especially since I have two afghans all kitted up and ready to go too.

Don't get me wrong, we will seriously miss the extra money but fortunately we've tried very hard to never count on my money, it's not a lot and mostly just covers eating out, movies, my stash purchases, etc. Right now though I'm not even thinking about looking elsewhere for employment. I need some serious down time.

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