Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hurricane Dennis

Well according to NOAA's current projections Hurricane Dennis will be making a direct hit on Pensacola Beach. Sure this is pretty early. Dennis hasn't even gotten across Cuba yet, but it leaves me asking this question, what did Pensacola do draw such bad karma to itself? The area is still devastated. If you're watching the weather channel they have been showing Jim Cantore standing in front of rubble and it's that way all over Pensacola Beach.

We're probably going to evacuate but what concerns us is that rumor has it that county officials will not be letting anyone back into the area for at least 2 weeks after the storm. I can't afford two weeks at a hotel. We don't use credit cards, a two week hotel stay would drain our bank account. This is why people make the stupid decision to stay. It's better to be home than not be able to get back home, if you have a home to get back to.

I'm scared. This is the first time I've ever felt fear in one of these situations. I don't so much fear the storm as I fear the aftermath. I don't think anyone understands what it's like down here. There are people still living in FEMA trailers in their driveways. Houses that haven't been repaired. I fear that after this storm I won't have a home and there aren't any rentals available anyway and definitely won't be if this storm is as bad as I think it might be. I wish I knew the right thing to do. Take our chances in a hotel, try to go home to Memphis? Not really a good plan since my mom is selling her house to my brother, haven't closed yet but my SIL and the kids have already moved in, for the most part it's her house now. Probably not too welcome there. Can't go to the MILs because our niece and her husband and three kids live there along with MIL. No room. So hotels are about our only option. I hate that. I always thought I could go to my mom's, it was home. Now there's no where to turn. Another reason to stay.

The area is pretty much freaking out. Gas lines are out of control. There is no gas to be found in our area. I filled up after work this afternoon, super premium, all that was left, DH, well we had to go all the way to Ft Walton Beach before we found a gas station with a drop of gas. Went to Walmart, no water, no cuponoodle. Hoping to score that at Publix in the morning. I have plenty of water, just want some extra. I'm so kicking myself for not buying a stovetop coffee pot a few weeks ago. It's one of those things I've been meaning to pick up and never got around to, of course the camping section was all out of those tonight.

I work tomorrow, and think I've got everything done I need to. Plan to clean the bathrooms really well and the kitchen before the storm hits, just because it will make me feel better.

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