Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday, Friday, Friday!

This week has flown by. We got power back not too long after Dennis hit. We were without power for about 2 full days and then maybe a partial day-3 days at the most. Not too bad. Cable came on today! I was getting pretty tired of DVDs.

Creative Pursuits

I started a new cross stitch project, it's a freebie from my LNS. It's called Flip Flop Days and on their fabric of the month which is a very bright green. I also picked up the cute little button packet for the design. Now, I have been carrying this project around with me in my purse, so it stands to reason that my buttons have gone missing. I keep thinking I might have put them away in a safe place because I remember thinking to myself if I'm not careful these buttons might get broken. They are not in any of my easily accessible safe places so I don't know WTF happened to them.

It sure felt good to stitch something. I couldn't remember the last time I picked up a needle. I kept saying I was going to work on this or that but somehow I never got around to actually stitching. Other things always got in the way. But now I don't want to stitch on this any more because of the missing buttons. I was so enjoying it. Guess I'll work on it some more and hope I remember what I did with the darn things. I keep thinking I might have lost them at Books-A-Million, but I don't remember ever working on it at the book store. I sat and read a magazine.

Currently Reading

The Preservationist by David Maine. I'm enjoying it.

Also reading Let It Bleed by Ian Rankin. I lost it just after Hurricane Dennis hit and DS#3 found it for me this morning. Guess the house has been too dark, lack of power and boarded up windows, to find much of anything lately.


Just before Hurricane Dennis made landfall I had to run system restore on my computer. I noticed in a couple of emails when a friend would hightlight some of my text certain words came up highlighted and linked. The link was some kind of consumer alert thing. I ran several virus scans and spyware scans and couldn't get rid of it, then freaked out when I saw the same thing happening on my blog. So I opted to run system restore to completely rid my computer of whatever this thing is. Well now I've noticed it on other blogs and in an email or two from others. Anyone know what this is or how it manages to get on someone's computer? I'm very careful now about links on any and all blogs and in emails. I have always been careful about the links I follow and what I download but this thing just kind of snuck in somehow.

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