Sunday, May 29, 2005

Weekend Update

Well the long weekend has gotten off to a nice and lazy start. Those are the best. Friday morning I went and got my hair cut. This is my first professional haircut in 19 yrs. I'm not kidding. My stars did it feel good! I felt like new woman, like I was younger and thinner. It was fabulous beyond words. We will not discuss the struggles I'm having with round hair brushes and pomade-here's hoping I spelled that correctly. I"m slowly getting it all figured out.

In Crafty News

I'm almost finished with block three of the 63 Squares afghan. I think these colors will work well for this sampler afghan so I'm excited. I think the end product will be pretty and happy, hopefully not horrible. I hope to take some pics tomorrow of the squares I've completed so far, it's kind of dreary out today but I may just pop them on the scanner later on and do it that way.


Today I ran over to Circuit City because they have Napoleon Dynamite on sale for $12.99. I've been wanting this DVD for a while. It's a family favorite and DS#2 is so much like Napoleon that it's bizarre. So why am I bummed you might ask? Well I also found Season One of the Gilmore Girls and just couldn't justify spending the $50 on the box set. I hate that. I pouted all the way home but we are trying hard to budget and DS#2 has to have his summer basketball fees paid this week to, so it's one of those weeks where it's one or the other. The Other won. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll still be there next week. Season 1 is hard to find around here.

Speaking of the Gilmore Girls, I am so mad at the ABC Family channel right now. They aren't showing the Gilmore Girls tomorrow so that they can show stupid movies! Don't they know that I live for the Gilmore Girls on my days off? That I watch them twice a day? That my life is empty without my Gilmore fix? They aren't preempting the 700 Club, so why must they preempt The Gilmore Girls? Why can't their stupid movies start at 11am instead of 10am? Why can't they show the Gilmore Girls in place of the 700 Club? What are they thinking?

Sorry rant over.....

Plans for this evening, finish up square three, start square 4 and find my little box of tags I purchased to use to number my squares so I don't get all confused about which block is what number.

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