Friday, May 13, 2005

Getting My Life Back

Today was glorious. No work, kids in school, new computer software! Does it get any better than this? The DH(definitely stands for DEAR) picked this: Electric Quilt up for me at the Cotton Loft in Destin. How do you think I spent my day? If you guessed playing around with this new program then you are 100% correct. I also napped, watched Def Leppard's Historia video. Found it in the video cabinet and had to watch it. Can't seem to find my Live From the Round tape though. I am so very much like the mom in this song:


Can I help it that I'm a child of the 80s? That I still love Def Leppard & Motley Crue? Prince? No Parking on the Dance Floor, You Dropped the Bomb on Me?

After searching for a while I found the pattern for this baby afghan:

HeartFelt Angels - Beth's Little Star Afghan

My favorite niece is expecting her third girl in a few weeks so I plan to make her one of these afghans. Here's hoping I get it started and finished before the birth of Barbara Alexandra or Alexandra Barbara-they haven't decided exactly which order the names will go in on the birth certificate but she will be called Alexandra. I also found a pattern for one shaped like a flower Angelcrafts - Round Ripple Baby Afghanthat I plan to make and give to older sister Laney. The oldest sister Harleigh received afghan from me last summer. Of course I'll make something else to send along to her so she's not left out. Not sure what yet. I thought about one of those flower shaped pillows I saw online somewhere or I thought about making a flower afghan along the same lines as the pillow, I saw it as a rug but thought it would make a neat afghan now to just remember where I found the pattern and hopefully I've already printed it out or it's possible I have the pattern in a purchased chart somewhere around here.

Four Day Weekends Rock!

My summer work schedule kicked off this week. It's fabulous. I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.Four day weekends all summer. Am I one lucky chick or what? Life is good, if it can stay this way. After my kids get out of school for the summer my Wednesday shift will be a night shift but I wanted to be home more with the boys so we can do some stuff during the day and they aren't stuck at home whining about how bored they are and how summer sucks and all that stuff.

If all goes well I may have some pics to post this weekend. Not of any finished projects but progress on a few things.

I'm so excited because I see myself having time to work on all my projects for a change and enjoying that time instead of being stressed about how I'm not making any progress no matter how much time I get to stitch. Being rested and able to focus and just get sucked into the rythmn of the needle, the hook, fabric.....ahhh, life's simple pleasures. The best part,my kids don't get out of school for a couple of weeks so Mondays and Fridays are all mine for a little while. What a gift!

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