Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thursday: A Day of Rest

Not! Been very busy here. I've been trying to finish up DS#3's quilt. How many years have I been trying to do this? Well I'm kind of stuck, I don't think I have enough backing fabric so I'm trying to decide, do I just stretch the hell out of the fabric when I'm trying to bind the quilt or do I buy more backing fabric in a different print? I'm opting for the former. I can make it work, really I believe I can. That's where sewing ignorance comes in. What I don't know can't depress me and since I don't really know what the heck I'm doing I can fake it. This isn't a real quilt, it's a hug for my kid you know? It's his throw on the floor, in the yard, snuggle under on the couch blanket. I'm not even going to quilt it, I'm going to cheat and tie it. One way or the other that quilt/blanket, whatever, is going to be finished this weekend.

Today I discovered a new quilt shop. It's the Cotton Loft in Destin. It's fabulous! Why is it fabulous? They have the EQ5 software and the EQ5 Simplified book. It's also $20 cheaper than the price I found for it in a catalog. I'm kicking myself now for not buying it while I was there, but I'm hoping to get back over there this weekend and picking it up. I should have bought it, but it's so pricey and even though I want it pretty bad and have been wanting it for a few years, I had to think about it on the drive home, so I did and decided I have to have it. Unfortunately they close at 6:00 tonight so no chance to get back over there this evening. The fabric selection is the best I've seen in local quilt shops. Uh, there's only one or two, so not really a lot of competition it's just great to see someone opening a speciality shop and knowing what people want. Lots of fabric choices. I'm going to start collecting red, black and white fabrics for DS#2's quilt, those are the colors he requested. I don't really start a quilt with much of a plan. Hopefully by the time I'm ready to start working on his I'll have plenty of red, black and white fabric hoarded away. I have cut out one block on DS#1 Tropical Ohio Star quilt, I need to sew a practice block to see how the colors are going to work together. I decided I need to add a few more colors to his quilt, maybe in shades of colors I'm already using to add some dimension to his quilt. The star points are going to be yellow, the background lime green, so the only area to really play is in the center of the star but I do have another green fabric, a little darker than the lime I'm using for the background and I may mix it up some just to see how it might look. It may be a mistake but if you can't play around with your fabric and blocks where's the fun? I also have a different yellow that I plan to mix with the main one to mix up the points a bit so it doesn't look so planned. I'm going to have to make at least 20 blocks. I want his quilt a little bigger than twin size, but not super huge. Can you tell I'm really faking this whole quilting thing?

What does $75 at the LNS look like?

How about two Victoria Sampler accessory packs and the new issue of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly. Not a whole heck of a lot let me tell ya! Yeah I know the drill, think of all the hours of needlework enjoyment these purchases will bring me. I get it. Doesn't mean I wish the bag was a tad bit fuller when I pulled out of the parking lot.

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