Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Brief Hiatus

Took a break. Nothing to say. Why write when there is nothing to write about? Everything is cool on the job front. Not sure if that's good or bad but I should still be bringing home a paycheck which means I'll be able to pursue my fibery pleasures without worrying about someone going hungry or having to go to school naked. Both good things.

I do not want to work today. It's raining. It's overcast. We will not be busy but due to new hours we open unless there's a tornado warning, high winds or just torrential downpours. I've been praying very hard for torrential downpours but that's just not happening. So I'm going to work unless my phone rings in the next hour or so. My days are longer but I'm only working three days a week at the moment, works for me. The owner decided to start closing at 4 p.m. She got tired of paying people to be there from 4-8p.m. and no customers and the kids just stood around all night talking on their cell phones or sitting in the dining room hanging out with their friends. No working getting accomplished til right at closing and then she got stuck paying them for an extra hour because they waited until then to actually start closing. With these new hours I start closing as soon as I have everything ready to open. I do everything I can to have as little to do at 3:30 as possible. My goal is to get out of there no later than 4:30. I know I whine a lot about it but I do love this job. I'm just going through a phase where nothing makes me happy. Ever been there? Nothing seems to go right, nothing inspires me, just a case of the blahs. I feel overwhelmed at home because even when the family attempts to help they make a bigger mess. Do we not all live in the same house? Doesn't everyone know where they find their socks when I put them away? Why can't they put them in the same place too? Doesn't everyone get tshirts out of their closets? Do I ever fold anything? So why did you fold tshirts when we don't have enough drawers to accomodate them? Why do you all think I hang the damn things up? So now the laundry is all folded on the back of the couch. Sure the kitchen table is now visible but clothes are piled up on the back of the couch and about 40 pairs of socks have gone missing. Wish I was kidding about that but the DH matched up all these socks Saturday while watching the NCAA tournament and they have vanished. No one will own up to where they could be. No one admits to putting them away, hiding them, wearing them. Very frustrating.

The Workbasket

There's absolutely nothing going on there. I haven't had a lot of time to do anything I enjoy because I'm trying to get my housework caught up. I have a lot of projects lined up, I did organize some freebie cross stitch and crochet charts this weekend. Now I just need to put them in folders or binders. I did treat myself to a Brother P-Touch Label maker. It's the PT-65. I've used it once it twice, just to break it in. Made a couple of labels for my binders with crochet charts I printed off the internet and some of my freebie cross stitch charts. I saw the label maker at Office Depot on Friday for $25 but put it back. Then Saturday the DH and I headed over there and he said if I was going to pay $25 for the little label maker I ought to just pay the extra $5 and get the nicer one. So I did. He likes playing with it as much as I do. Yes, we're both pretty dorky. I also bought some new highlighters and some Post-it note pads, some computer stationary, it was buy one get one free at Office Depot. You were supposed to buy two packages of the same kind but one pattern, they only had one package of, so I was able to get two different patterns, go me! I'm slowly getting things organized. I never realized how many free charts I have accumulated. I have one drawer in my stash cabinet that holds my Udder Cream, my stationary, my highlighters, my P-Touch. It's very important I hide the P-Touch, the kids think it's a toy. Not good. So best to store it in my stitching cabinet. They never look in there.
Organizing is a good thing. Maybe once I'm all organized I'll have more stitching/crochet time since I won't always be searching for things.

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