Friday, January 23, 2009

One Particular Harbor

It's low tide at 13th Colony Bay the third:

But it's good to have any water at all. I was beginning to feel like there would just be a nice big sandbar connecting two and three. The lighthouse needs some windows but construction is close to completion. Oh, don't think I'm that close to being finished, our Little Colony still needs a bit of finishing touches on part one and two. With a little good luck and speedy fingers our colonists should be looking out their windows at their freshly tilled spring gardens in the not too distant future.

Would you believe it's been 28 degrees at night here the last few nights? I'm in northwest Florida but the super freezing temperature has done a number on my lime tree because I forgot to tuck it in at night with it's blankie. Nyquil can really mess one up and make one forget important things like tucking in your lime tree at night. But if you click on the picture of the thermometer above you will see that right now, well, five minutes ago, it was going on 80 degrees here. That ball is floating to the bottom. I think once the afternoons start getting up in the 90s I'll have to move the Galileo thermometer to the patio table out back, but it looks so pretty on the front porch and takes one's eye away from peephole in the blind that my dog Polly created so she can look out when we trap her indoors and we are outside. The Galileo thermometer was a Christmas gift from my SILs.


Sharon said...

Melissa, I love that thermometer, it is the nicest one I have ever seen. What a great gift. OMG 13th Colony is gorgeous, so close to a finish. It is going to look so fabulous in your home in Florida. I am so excited for you. I gave you an award come visit me sister friend and claim it. xoxox

Brigitte said...

Great, 13th Colony is a beautiful project and nearly done.

Siobhan said...

You're getting soooo close to the finish line, Melissa! YGG! It looks great. Cool thermometer--nice gift!

Nancy said...

I've got the same thermometer, oddly enough mine hangs around 70 most of the winter... LOL We're thinking of heading back to Destin this fall! 13th Colony is looking great by the way!