Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Coast is Clear

The ginormous tree on part 3 of 13th Colony Bay is complete so I'm swimming over to the land mass where the lighthouse will take up residence. Maybe, maybe with the help of BSG, all seasons, all the time, I will get this monster completed SOON. I love working on 13th Colony Bay, it seriously takes me on a vacation every time I pick it up. Of course I prefer the vacation in my mind to the harsh reality of everyday living. In that little vacationland there is no cylon posing as a washing machine with a plan to destroy my home. In that little vacationland all motor vehicles work quite well, and all communication with whiney children is by email and email only.

I broke down and turned on the heat at 3:38a.m. It's not supposed to warm up too much today and then get down to 29 tonight so I decided to give in, heat bill be damned. I offered up a Snuggie™ to each member of my family and they were underwhelmed.

The discussion over the heat has gone something like this the last couple of days:

"Please mom can't you please just turn on the heat."

"No it's only cold a couple of hours it will be 65 today."

"But mom it's freezing."

"Put on a sweatshirt, another pair of socks, I'm not turning on the heat."

So in the wee hours of the morning the cold finally won. The minute I clicked on that thermostat my gas bill went up $100. It happens every single time. Of course last year when I was arguing about the amount of my bill, I turned the heat on for three days and my bill was $150 instead of $40, the man behind me in line pointed out that his bill was $400, and he couldn't figure out what I was complaining about. Three days of heat, the heat was on only a couple of hours each day and my bill went up that much. I told him he should really learn to wear another sweater no one down here should ever have that kind of heating bill. He was not amused.


Jacque said...

-3 real temp here in KC! I'll trade residences with you till April...sound good?? ; )

Nancy said...

Glad your piece gives you a mini vacation..... but temps here are -11, that's NOT wind chill. Try having the furnace running EVERYDAY since Oct and now having to warm the house up 80 degrees from the outside today.... ok, nuff bitching.... time to get back to stitching.

Michelle said...

Yay tree!!! I know what you mean, it seems silly to turn on the heat here in TX most of the time too!

Siobhan said...

YGG on getting that light house built!! Hey, we're in the 50s, not so bad for January and NOT living in FL! ;) Stay warm, gf!!

KsMaryLou said...

Oh wow, you're gonna get the whole colony stitched soon! We will all celebrate with you. BTW have you started collecting the Lenox British Colonial Tradewinds china to go with this?

I'll trade your $150 bill for our $300 bill.

Karen said...

These designs are on my wish list and hope to get them to stitch next year. Can't wait to watch your progress!