Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall TV Friday

Since TV and stitching go together like peanut butter and chocolate, or milk and cookies or if you're a Forrest Gump fan, like peas and carrots, a Fall tv post seems appropriate.

First of all, Project Runway. I didn't blog about the Sept. 13th or 14th episode when Vincent and Angela were brought back because I went and looked at the Olympic Fashion Week runway shows and thought I knew so much because Uli had Nazri as her model in her Runway show so I assumed Micheal's collection was the decoy. I decided to keep my opinions to myself and good thing too since this week all four finalists were left in. No one was auf'd. What's up with that? Did they want to auf Uli so bad and when she ended up winning this week they decided to just let all four do runway shows with no decoy this year? I thought Heidi was more coldhearted than that. Anyway, good show, never ceases to amuse me and even though they haven't had the season finale yet, I say bring on Season 4. I love this show so much.

Now for new TV shows, I watched Heroes on Monday night. I had a preconceived idea about the show, it surprised me and I liked that! I'm going to definitely be tuning in on Monday nights. The cheerleader kind of freaked me out, but I love that she's indestructible and has no feelings. Maybe she's going to have to the coldheartedest(is that even a word?) of all the characters. Ali Larter's character freaks me out. I can't decide if she can astral project herself or what but wow! Love that aspect of the story because I can't figure it out. I love the brothers and that the one brother was dreaming he could fly, but the other brother has the power. Love, love Hiro. I was prepared for this show to be lame, lame, lame. It's not at least not at this moment.

If you check out, they might have the first episode on the website in case you missed it.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip-my favorite show of the new season. I thought Matt Perry would be Chandler, he's not. His character seems kind of angry most of the time, I'm not sure how I feel about that. But they always say comedians and comedy writers are darker than you realize so maybe that's part of it with his character. I love Bradley Whitford. He's great in this role. I love that Aaron Sorkin is writing his own story into this series. The Harriet character, interesting, if she's written right. She's a Christian but not a Bible beater, she's human, and mainstream and I hope Aaron Sorkin doesn't villianize her because of the 700 Club(more of his personal story there). Her character could end up being one of the more interesting characters on the show. I don't think she has any chemistry at all with Matthew Perry's character. I don't like Steven Weber as the bad guy but he's playing it well. Amanda Peet, hmmm, not sure how I feel about her character. This is definitely must see tv for me though. I'm not sure Aaron Sorkin can write sketch comedy so I hope he leaves the episodes to the characters with the show as the backdrop. Love Timothy Busfield, wish he had a larger role but they do make the most of his camera time. D.L. Hughley, wonderful. Love watching him, another character that needs more screen time. I hope NBC stands behind this show because it deserves a chance to find an audience. Oh and I love the countdown clock!

Kidnapped-I saw the first episode, enjoyed it more than I expected to. Can you tell I don't really think I'm going to like the new tv shows? TV tends to let me down all the time. But back to Kidnapped, another must watch for me right now. I think the story has been set up to have a lot of twists and turns. Kind of 24esque but not as big a ripoff of 24 as some other new dramas like Vanished. Vanished did not hold my attention. They didn't make me care about the characters in the first episode or two. I just watched the second episode of Kidnapped at It held my interest and I'm looking forward to the next episode. I wasn't able to watch it in real time this week because of Project Runway. I love that is giving people an opportunity to view the shows online. I hope that it helps shows with good writing time to find their audience before they just up and cancel them.

Plan to give 30 Rock a chance and a family must watch is Deal or No Deal, but we're pretty evil and usually root against the contestant. Horrible I know. We were discussing the fascination with Deal or No Deal because it's just dumb luck plain and simple and the spousal unit brought up the movie Quiz Show and how one of the characters said that people didn't care how smart the contestant was, it was all about the money. I guess that's absolutely correct where Deal or No Deal is concerned. You can't plan a strategy, you don't have to be smart, it's luck and all about the money.

I missed the season premiere of the Gilmore Girls, I'm interested to see what path the show will take since the main writer and creator is no longer associated with the show.

I think I missed the season premiere of Veronica Mars too. It's up online somewhere.

I'm usually pretty bad about keeping up with things that are on tv but this year I do believe I might have some solidly scheduled tv time.


Siobhan said...

Melissa, because I'm dying over here in no-new-TV-shows-till-January land, I can tell you that Veronica Mars hasn't premiered yet. I think it's set for Sunday. Now I need to set up my stitching at the computer and watch the new stuff on Thanks for the heads up--loved the review!

Sue said...

So far I'm enjoying Studio 60, it's very different than the ads let on. It's intriguing.

Can't wait to see what happens on PR, unless I already missed it.

My daughter is digging Heroes. We're trying to figure out the woman in the mirror. That one is kind of creepy.